At least six shots fired near Eastown Hookah Lounge

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — We’ve followed up with the investigation into the shots fired near the Eastown Hookah Lounge.

Grand Rapids Police tell FOX 17 that they responded to calls for a disorderly crowd on the 1500 block of Wealthy St SE sometime before 3:30 a.m. Sunday morning.

While trying to control people in the street, they heard six to seven gun shots nearby, and later found six casings at the scene.

One car was stopped at gunpoint, but police were able to determine the driver was not involved.

Police no longer have active scenes after investigating evidence found outside the Eastown Hookah Lounge by the Grateful Dog and Eastown Cafe, as well as near Wealthy St SE and Ethel Ave SE.

Thankfully, no one was hurt during the shooting. GRPD is asking anyone with information to call (616) 456-3400 or contact Silent Observer.

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  • Rell

    So it would be greatly appreciated of you did not associate the Eastown Hookah Lounge with the shooting seeing that our establishment had absolutely nothing to do with the unfortunate event! It was in fact multiple businesses down. To slander the name of a business that’s been around for so long without issue is bothersome and makes us look bad.

  • Danko Stanojevic

    The article’s emphasis on the Lounge makes it seem as if the aforementioned shootings are associated with the business. The article states which businesses were actually nearest to the incident but they are not chosen as the title or focus of the article; rather the established down the street and away from the event. I can understand if FOX17 assumes Eastown Hookah is the most notable establishment in the area, but it’s still bad press and unwarranted.

  • Matt McCartney

    Everyone complaining about “image” and association. Please. Eastown hasn’t been a nice neighborhood since my grandfather spent his childhood there from the end of WWI to about 1930. With the exception of Duba’s & J. Patrick Jewelers, it’s been an armpit since the late 1960s.

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