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Ottawa Co. deputy investigated after social media complaint

HOLLAND, Mich. – The Ottawa County Sheriff’s Department is investigating a complaint about one of its deputies that was posted on Facebook.

Sunday, a woman made a post saying she was eating at a McDonald’s in Holland when deputies handcuffed her. She said there was a crash nearby on US-31 and they believed she had been involved and ran from the scene.

She says that the deputies were disrespectful, wouldn’t allow her to record the encounter and wouldn’t give her their names. She was let go after a short time.

Sheriff Steve Kempker tells FOX 17 that after learning about the complaint this morning, he assigned a Command Officer to investigate.



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  • Matt

    It’s illegal for any officer to stop you from filming them. They are a public servant and you are protected by numerous court rulings including one from the supreme court. You are allowed to record police or government property without permission and for any reason. You don’t have to identify your self or state your business. Police, however, do need to provide their name and badge number when interacting with the public for any reason. They cannot detain you for filming and they can not bring up any charges.

    • TOSOR

      First off, this is only one side of the story. This may very well be somebody looking for their 15 minutes!

      I’ll wait for both sides of the story before rushing to judgment. What’s wrong with this society today it’s too many people blaming the police for doing their job!

      • Libertatos

        You might want to check pacer before you too rush to judgement. Currently before the United States District court, western division of Michigan, is a lawsuit against this very officer for similar allegations. Does that mean it’s true? Not at all…. but the sheriff is well advised to jump on this.

  • Libertatos

    Currently before the United States District court, western division of Michigan, is a lawsuit against this very officer for similar allegations.

  • Michigan Man

    This would not be news 20 years ago when the majority of people respected the Police. They put their lives at risk everyday and deal with very bad people. Swallow your pride Woman. Respect the police. Let them do their job and be proud of them. Look up the definition of a reasonable prudent person on your smart phone. Why would anyone want to film a police officer doing that dangorous job. If i was a Cop and someone was trying to make entertainment out of a crime seen i would smash their phone if posible. Police deal with crime seens im sure they do not ever forget and very dangerous events. Fast food chains hit the news often… Let them do their job and dont be a distraction. Respect what they do or try to become one yourself and smile for the Moron thats distracting you from potential danger. Look up the word Process as well.

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