Abandoned dog left for dead becomes K-9 for Denver Sheriff Department

DENVER - A dog that was abandoned and left for dead in Castle Rock last October has "a new leash on life." Karma is now officially a K-9 with the Denver Sheriff Department, according to KDVR.

“She's certified, she's ready to go. She's got her badge, her ID... she's official!” said her partner, Deputy Patrick Hynes.

Karma has come a long way in the past 7 months. After she was abandoned in a Castle Rock neighborhood, it took several days for a group of good Samaritans to catch her. Once they caught her, they realized that as a Belgian Malinois, she would make a good police dog. And it just so happened the Denver Sheriff Department would need her.

Hynes' former partner, Taylor, retired in March. He adopted Karma, trained her and she is now officially an explosives detection dog.

“Our main priority will be working at the City and County Building, where the mayor's at, City Council, other high-profile judges. We're in charge of making sure that building stays safe," Hynes said.

Hynes says Karma is a perfect fit.

“She is part of the family now. She will do pretty much anything for me now - cool feeling to have," he said.

As part of the Front Range Explosives Detection Group, Karma will also respond to calls for help from other regional jurisdictions.

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  • Libertarians

    Police are notoriously bad at handling dogs. lack of training or continued training. They hit false positives for sniffing out drugs and 79% of the time fail. And then to make an animal complacent in violence against most people who have never committed an actual crime. I feel bad for these dogs. Forced to work violently for the state to oppress people. You have to have a huge case of Stockholm syndrome to give any support to the continued abuse and unchecked growing power of the police state.

  • stop the madness

    I think it’s wonderful this poor animal, who would otherwise starve, get hit by a vehicle, be taken in by another abusive owner for dog fighting, or be euthanized by a kill shelter, has been given a purpose in life. Most creatures on earth have and need a purpose. Even if we can’t see the good in it, it is better than the alternative. I hope Karma gets a chance to nail the loser(s) that left her behind.

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