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Pros and cons of homeowners associations

Many people these days are moving to  condo complexes, or a housing communities where everything is taking care of for you.

It makes life so much easier. But make sure you know the pros and cons of that little thing called a homeowners association.

Nordelle Wainz is among the thousands of condo owners who have run into a brick wall with their HOA.

In her case, after the association refused to help her fix her collapsing deck.

"I was told if i didn't like it here, that i should sell my condo."

A report in Cheapism.com calls HOA's "paradise at a price."

It found hundreds of reports of homeowners being fined or sued for having:

--A pink playhouse for a little girl.

--A kids' lemonade stand.

--Sidewalk chalking.

--Pickup trucks on driveways, even when they are too big for the garage.

--Eco-friendly clothesline.

--And even support our troops signs

And from the doesn't that stink file... when an HOA gets so restrictive, its rules spark national outrage.

A couple of years ago , a northern Ohio Vietnam vet put up an American flag on a 15 foot flagpole.

But the HOA said “take it down,” and threatened a lawsuit. Doesn't that stink?

But before he put his condo up for sale, veterans across the country made a stink, the HOA dropped its challenge, and the flag and the veteran stayed.

There is nothing wrong with most HOA's: They can keep your neighbor from parking a  junk hauling dump truck outside your front door.

But know the downsides, so you don’t waste your money


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    • Deidre

      If you watch the video, you’ll find that the article is a summary of the TV report script found in the video. I found the TV report to be balanced and informative. HOA’s don’t have checks and balances often get it wrong. While they can help prevent the big stuff like the dump truck parked in front of your house, they tend to get into many unnecessary controversies and intrusions into the lives of home owners.

  • seefieldstonefarms

    The stories mentioned are just a small sample of what is out there.There are stories of suicide, a man getting hit with a crow bar, HOA foreclosing on a soldier’s home while he was away in Iraq just to name a few. Not all stories stories don’t make it to the news. People spend years and thousands of dollars fighting HOAs.

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