2 Lansing officers on leave after girl struck during arrest

LANSING, Mich. (AP) — Two mid-Michigan police officers are on administrative leave amid an investigation after one of them struck a 16-year-old girl in the legs during an arrest.

Lansing police Chief Mike Yankowski on Saturday released body worn camera video of Friday’s police interaction with the girl. Yankowski says in a statement that allegations against officers are taken seriously and the department “holds its employees to the highest standards.”

One officer is seen punching the girl’s legs in the back of a patrol vehicle after she refused to get inside. Yankowski says officers were there to pick up the girl and a 15-year-old boy, who were wanted for escaping custody and probation violations.

Videos shot by bystanders circulated on social media afterward. The Lansing State Journal reports more than 100 people protested Saturday.

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  • teri

    Gee, I guess they should have asked her nicely since hey, she was only under arrest for absconding from a previous arrest. Because, you know, she wasn’t arrested for doing anything WRONG. No, I don’t like to see the police using force but wow, come on….do you REALLY believe that an engraved invitation is the answer?

      • Deb

        Perhaps she is misunderstood…you don’t know her story do you? All I know is that she is considered a CHILD. THAT is NOT the way you treat children. NOT a 2year old NOT a 15year old!! Especially since nothing else was tried first. Abuse is a busy. You do that to your kid when they don’t listen and it will be your ass on the line.

        • George Peters

          This is the police not some social group. The girl committed a crime, escaped custody and is obviously resisting arrest. She needs her parents to put a foot in her behind!

  • Deb

    I couldn’t even watch it all. The first cop was irritated bc he was out if breath running. No one seemed to talk to her, ask her any questions or even answer her questions! It’s human nature to need things explained in circumstances like this. We teach our kids to fight off abduction… I am appalled! The woman cop needs to lose her badge for sure and not be able to work with children. That is abuse. The male from what I saw used a bit better judgement. If he was involved in slamming the door on her leg then I’d say they both need to lose their jobs. Child abuse then what bodily harm causing death? The girl did not pay hands in either and had someone talked to her like a human they might have got better cooperation. Just bc someone has a badge doesn’t make them above the law. It’s actions like these that give decent officers a bad name.

    • Dave Nye

      Deb come on. She was resisting. She was asked to put her leg in the car several times. She flat out said no, resisted and resisted and resisted. There was no talking to this girl. She was 16, she is not a child. She knew what she was doing was going to cause problems, but that just made things worse for her. DO I like that fact the officer had to use force…no but when you are basically fighting with an individual, your going get a fight.

      Where is your outrage at the behavior of this girl? Her use of foul language. Her resistance. Pretty plain to see that she tried to run and when caught was putting up a fight. She isn’t scared she is being abducted…she just don’t want to go to jail. Why is she in the situation that she is being arrested? I’ll bet it wasn’t because she was an angle.

  • WOW

    She is acting like a 2 year old. Maybe she needed her butt spanked and her mouth washed out with soap. SHe obviously has no respect for no one. She made her momma proud .. unruly child. SHe is old enough to know better and right from wrong. Maybe the officer should of punched her but maybe her Momma should of taught her better

  • Kal Szewczyk

    Am I lead to believe the 16 year old girl is a violent criminal after watching the way the girl was treated. This video could have gone the other way, a little kindness, a little understanding, after all, whatever her crime or crimes are, she’ll do her time in the way of community service, juvenile detention, she’ll get counseling and back to her family with an expunged record at 18. Now, we have 2 junior officers with inflamed egos who are obviously “Mad As Hell and I’m Not Going To Take It Anymore” that overly aggressively man handled a 16 year old on national news starting their careers with a huge blemish, Internet is forever, the City will get sued and Sharpton will come to town. The girl will have a bad taste in her mouth along with her family, community and Black Lives Matter forever and so will every minority citizen in Lansing. Like I said, it could have gone the other way, showing kindness is never a weakness.

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