Welcome to Gay Hell, Michigan, where only pride flags are allowed to fly

Youtuber Elijah Daniel bought the town of Hell and renamed it Gay Hell

(CNN) — Youtuber Elijah Daniel has pulled a lot of stunts since he started creating content, but his latest act as Mayor of Hell has a lot of people talking.

Daniel purchased Hell, Michigan, for Pride Month and used the opportunity to rename the town Gay Hell.

Gay Hell, which is about 20 miles northwest of Ann Arbor, has been on sale for years. Daniel says he can’t disclose how much he paid to be mayor for two weeks as he is in the process of purchasing the town permanently.

In 2017, Daniel was also Mayor of Hell and banned heterosexual people in the town as a stunt.

He says that his first act as owner this time was to only allow pride flags after the Trump administration put a ban on embassies flying pride flags.

This time it’s not as much of a stunt as his way of making a statement. Daniel says the new purchase is, “Getting my audience involved in politics by doing it in a funny way.”

Daniel is from Michigan and says that he always drove past the town growing up. He also grew up “very religious” and was told a lot if you’re gay you go to Hell, Daniel said.

So Daniel figured that Gay Hell would be perfect in a rural, religious area.

“I’m just from Michigan and every time we drove past we knew that town, oh that’s Hell. I just thought turning it into Gay Hell would be funny,” Daniel said of his decision to rename the town.

The reaction has been very mixed, Daniel admits, with some people loving it and others very not so much.

“It’s been pretty good for my fans,” Daniel explained. ” A lot of upset Trump fans, but that’s nothing new to me.”

But Daniel is interested in keeping the town and hopes to make small changes. He says he hopes to do an annual festival to welcome more people to Gay Hell.


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  • steve

    If he won’t fly the Stars and Stripes in his homosexual heaven he isn’t an American and both he and his town don’t belong in our country.

  • tom

    Why does this have to be shoved in our faces all the time? I don’t care who or even want to know what your choice is. So quit announcing it to the world day in and out.

    • steve

      Over many years, I’ve worked with gays and lesbians in more than a few settings. Everyone was aware of their homosexuality yet nobody gave a damn one way or another. The reason that was the case is that everyone realized that although they were different from most in their lifestyles, they weren’t special and acted accordingly. I wish that those people that want to be ‘special’ whether because of gender, race, or sexual identification and orientation would realize that their constant ‘treat me like I’m special’ rhetoric doesn’t unite people. It only makes the gap wider.

  • Maga Man

    Stopped in Hell when I was a kid, probably my last time by the sounds of it. Have nothing against gays or gay pride, know a few and they are nice folks. What I don’t care for is Jack wagon running around this Great Country of ours (notice I said OURS) with there panties restriction the blood flow to there melon, like I owe them something.

  • Big Bert

    I’m going to move there ASAP. While I do support Donny tRump I feel I need to save these people myself. I’ll teach them and preach to them. Soon they will realize their error and become heterosexual and step away from the sin. Bless you all and please go to my go fund me and help me cover moving costs. In everything butt love. Bert Tidlund Friendship Ny USA

  • Tammy Stockbridge


  • cetude

    Many US citizens are more Islamic than they think under the guise of “Christianity” and based on a lot of these comments I belove a lot of people would find pleasure executing gays as in the Book of Leviticus. The Holy Bible also advocated slavery and even has laws concerning owning and trading of slaves. So much for “Christian love”.
    Exodus 21:7: ““If a man sells his daughter as a servant, she is not to go free as male servants do.” God approved the practice and laid down rules for buyers and sellers (Exodus 21:1-11, Leviticus 25:44).

    • Jopo

      An indentured servant is not a slave, learn your terminology. And the part about not letting her go was to save her from prostitution and destitution. A man who was let go at the end of his contract could possibly find a way to provide for himself. An unmarried woman whose father was dead (or financially incapable of providing for her – hence the indentured servitude contract) was better off dead than cut loose to be thrown out on the streets. The order not to let her go was a kindness.
      Your woefully superficial study of the Bible, without any knowledge of context or history, is embarrassing. You are the poster child for the old saying “a little knowledge is dangerous”. Come back when you’ve actually read the Bible and not just cherry picked verses from an atheist’s website bullet point list.

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