Suit seeks $25M after boy fatally struck by Calhoun Co. sheriff’s deputy

A courtesy photo of Norman Hood.

BATTLE CREEK, Mich. (AP) — The family of an 11-year-old boy riding a minibike who was fatally struck by a sheriff’s deputy in southern Michigan has filed a lawsuit seeking $25 million.

The Battle Creek Enquirer reports the lawsuit filed this month by the estate of Norman Hood Jr. and his parents lists Calhoun County and the unnamed deputy as defendants.

The Associated Press left a message seeking comment Wednesday from the county.

The deputy was responding to a reported burglary the evening of May 28 when he hit the boy in Battle Creek, about 120 miles (190 kilometers) west of Detroit. The sheriff’s office believes the bike turned into the car’s path. The vehicle’s overhead lights and siren were not activated.

The boy’s mother says he wasn’t at fault . State police are investigating.

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    • Vast Right Wing Conspiracy

      Yup. My kid was illegally driving a minibike in the dark, with no lights or helmet or any other safety equipment, but its the Deputy’s Fault!

      • J

        You obviously can’t read. Bc no where in this article does it say it was dark. And also it says the officers vehicles overhead lights or signs were not on!!!!

        • Michael

          There’s exceptions in the law that allow an officer to speed without overheads and siren. Is there an exception allowing an unlicensed person to operate an unlicensed motor vehicle?

          I’m not saying the deputy doesn’t SHARE in the blame. I’m also not saying the mother doesn’t share in the blame. The sheriff’s department will clearly be paying out in this case. That being said the “victims” could have prevented this.

        • VRWC

          Oh, I can read “J”, you should go back to the news when this happened, it was late in the evening and kid was illegally driving his minibike on the road without required equipment.

          And the Deputy is not required to have lights/siren on at all times, that only happens on TV.

          But just take the media’s side

        • Eddie

          The article also says that the boy turned in front of the car. Parents need to teach traffic rules to their kids even if they are just walking

  • J.B.

    The only thing these “parents” should get out of this is a charge of child neglect and endangerment resulting in death.

  • mike

    Guess you can put a price on a life. This suit didn’t take long to surface; wonder who is whispering big money into her ears…

  • steve

    If there really is justice to be had in this case, the suit should against the county and police officer should be dismissed out of hand. Any negligence here should be placed at the feet of his mother, who’s sadness is as real as her and her lawyers money grubbing opportunistic greed.

  • regina

    My boys had a bike similar to the one this boy had and it is not street legal its just for recreation. My boys never left our yard on one of these as I knew they were not street legal. I also don’t let my kids out on the streets when it is getting dusk or late on a school night. No one is saying she is a bad mom because it only takes a moment for your child to escape your sight. I am sure she loved him but the lawsuit won’t help her grief and it states the Michigan State Police aren’t done with their investigation yet so how can she make her decision. If it were my child I would be a basket case wondering what I could have done different and yes I may even have been angry because that is part of the stages of grief. I am sure this officer is grieving as badly just as she is because this is something very hard to live with. I hope he also gets counseling to help him and seeing all this on the news and co workers talking is not helping him either.

  • Bonnie Nicholson

    Sure blame the deputy. He works for a government agency with access to money. I wonder if the parents would have filed suit as quickly if Joe Blow had hit their child. And where were they when their son was out at night riding a mini bike, in the street probably with no lights on it either? They need to assume some responsibility for their negligence instead of listening for that sound of “cha ching – let the cash register ring”. I am sorry for the loss of this child, but I am just as sorry for the officer who hit him. A tragic accident he will have to live with for the rest of his life.

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