Colorado town celebrates summer with snowfall

(CNN) — Summer solstice, you say? Nearly July? Judging from the almost 2 feet of snow in Colorado, Mother Nature doesn’t seem to care.

Snow began to fall Friday just west of Denver at elevations above 7,000 feet. Snow also has been reported in parts of Montana, according to CNN meteorologist Gene Norman.

A winter weather advisory is in effect until Sunday morning, so the snowfall could continue. And, Norman said, even for the area, snowfall at this point is rare. The last time it came this late was on June 17, 1928, when Steamboat Springs got almost 20 inches, affiliate KCNC in Denver reported.

But no one seems to be complaining on Twitter.

“Snow in Breckenridge, Colorado!” Jennifer Thompson tweeted.

“Only in Colorado does it snow the first day of summer,” one man wrote.

“Good morning it’s June 22nd and we just got snow in Colorado,” wrote another.

Singer Kelly Clarkson was enjoying it, she tweeted.

“Yes, that is snow in my hand. Snowball fights in June. I love Colorado!”

Steamboat Springs averages 0.1 inches of snow in June, with May 6 being the average last day of snowfall during a typical season, Norman said. This strange snowfall is in part because the atmosphere is warmer and moister than before. At ground level, it’s too warm to support snowfall, but more mountainous areas don’t have that problem.

Meanwhile, in Florida, the National Weather Service issued a heat advisory for Saturday. Temperatures approached the upper 90s, and heat indexes are up to 108 degrees, according to CNN affiliate WINK.

We’ll take a snowball fight, for sure.

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Originally Published: 22 JUN 19 14:01 ET
Updated: 22 JUN 19 15:58 ET

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    • Germaine

      That’s a sensitive subject on this here comment board.
      Don’t let the Fox17 logo fool you, they are a CNN affiliate.
      As you may have realized that every story is aggregated from CNN.

  • Kevin Rahe

    Atmosphere at lower elevations are definitely moister than normal but certainly not warmer than normal in these parts. I’m still waiting for summer to really get started here. Glad this wasn’t the year I decided to invest in a pool!

  • BP

    The atmosphere is warmer and moister than before… Before what? So the cold and snow is from global warming? Oh wait. That narrative doesn’t work anymore.. climate change! That’s it!.

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