Anti-ICE graffiti painted on Michigan GOP headquarters

The front of the Michigan GOP headquarters after it was vandalized. (Courtesy: Laura Cox/Twitter)

LANSING, Mich. (AP) — Anti-government graffiti was painted on the Michigan Republican Party headquarters amid debate over a possible nationwide immigration sweep to deport people living the United States illegally.

State party officials say they discovered the graffiti, which included an expletive and the acronym “ICE” for Immigration and Customs Enforcement, on the front of the Lansing building Saturday evening. They reported it to Lansing police, who say it’s believed to have been painted early Saturday.

The Michigan Republican Party says the vandalism may have been a personal attack on Chairwoman Laura Cox, who served a portion of her career as an ICE agent. She posted Sunday on Twitter about the vandalism, saying she and her staff won’t be intimidated by the “criminal act.”

Police are soliciting tips from the public in the investigation.

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  • Michael

    Yes go and commit a criminal act……THAT will show them their stance is wrong!

    Protest in the streets illegally blocking traffic ……THAT will show them they are wrong!

    If you don’t like the direction the country is going speak with your vote……Wait a minute……

    • lml25

      Yes,Democrats are trying to get as many illegals to vote as they can.With all the b.s. about Trump getting a foreign power (Russia) to influence an election,the Dems are trying to let citizens of other countries (Mexico,Dominican Republic, etc)influence our election–by VOTING in our elections!
      Drivers licenses are being given to illegals,a pretext to giving them the right to vote–for Democrats–99% of the time.

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