Permanent LGBTQ pride mural planned for downtown road

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — The painting of a permanent mural on a downtown road is now underway.

The mural was announced last weekend at the Apartment Lounge’s annual Pride Block Party.  Mayor Rosalyn Bliss announced the city’s approval of its installation to raucous applause.

Bob Johnson, owner of the Apartment Lounge, says the project has been in discussions for about the past seven years.

“It says we welcome anybody, that this is a place where it doesn’t matter who you are, where you’re from, what your calling is, that you are safe and this is an OK place,” Johnson said.

The piece is being created by Detroit-based artist Joey Salamon. The abstract multicolored painting will stretch the entirety of Sheldon Avene NE from Library to Fulton streets.

“I’ve done big walls before but nothing of this scale … it’s on such a large scale and it’s for something that’s so important and cool,” Salamon said. “And that’s something you usually don’t get out of abstract art. It just is what it is. But now being able to use it in this context is cool.”

Downtown Grand Rapids Inc. has also been helping move the project along. They say the installation will cost $5,000.

The mural should be completed within about a week and a half. The roadway will be closed during its installation.

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  • steve

    They’re okay with this project endorsing LGBT lifestyles at City Hall, yet all hell broke loose when Johhny Brann wanted to honor fallen police and military personnel with flags on a building that’s his private property. Oh, one more thing. The Children’s Museum will be on one end of the mural.

    • Common cents

      I demand an area the same size for a Normal People display.

      What about every other group getting an area of equal size?

    • Duritonuts

      You are conflating two very different types of installations… And just think, if the city hadn’t been forced to follow the Johnny Brann Needs a Handyjay Law, maybe the homos wouldn’t have gotten away with this.

  • BS

    The hypocrisy of the LBGTQxyz community is beyond the pale. If a baker didn’t want to bake a cake for a gay marriage based on religious grounds, they would slap a lawsuit on the counter before leaving the store.

  • stop the madness

    I don’t care who is paying for it but either way I’m so glad I’m no longer paying GR taxes, although I do like pretty colors.

  • IknowwhoIam

    This is why we don’t shop eat or go to venues in Grand Rapids anymore. No matter what you think of the issue having it by a childern’s museum is appalling. Let’s do what they do lets start a boycott of Grand Rapids Mi, lets sue in Federal court let’s get on the media and let the businesses of Grand Rapids know we will take our business elsewhere. It is time to stand up and defeat this abomination of natural law.

  • Kirk

    Is this a joke? I guess not, it has already started….In front of the Children’s museum and memorial to our fallen warriors? Subliminal messaging at its finest for the future generations. How does the Mayor get away with pushing her agenda without any pushback? Gotham City, here we come!

    • Gary

      Let this serve as notice to the The City and Mayor: The brightly colored and exciting artwork that will inevitably draw children to walk toward it and on it and play on and around it will INEVITABLY end up with a child getting hurt by a car or truck. Shame on you for your ridiculous approval of this disaster, you have chosen poorly…again.

  • Will

    Shouldn’t Mayor Bliss and her lame duck City Manager Washington be worries about the 9 shootings since last Saturday instead of pushing their lGBTQ agenda on everyone? See what happens when you don’t support the police department? Next Grand Rapids will be just like Chicago, Saint Louis and San Francisco. Liberal policies always end up hurting everyone in the long run.

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