Wise Men Distillery opens in Kentwood

KENTWOOD, Mich. -- With an award-winning label, Wise Men Distillery has opened its new distillery and tasting room at 4717 Broadmoor Ave. SE, in Kentwood.

The business was founded by three friends – Tom Borisch, Jason Post and Zack Van Dyke – with a dream and a passion for quality spirits.

Wise Men Distillery uses ingredients are locally sourced when possible, and include pure Lake Michigan water, tart apples from Northern Michigan, corn from West Michigan farms and rich maple syrup tapped from our state’s maple trees.

The distillery’s tasting room features a rustic bar hewn from California Red Wood and a gift shop featuring the distillery’s unique brand of drinking glasses, T-shirts and hats.

“Our tasting room is a unique environment where liquor aficionados and thirsty patrons can kick back, sample our hand-crafted spirits, take a tour and learn about the art and science behind our craft,” said Borisch, general manager of Wise Men Distillery. “We’re excited to invite our customers to come in and taste our spirits and enjoy their experience.”

The distillery’s products have already garnered global recognition by the spirits trade industry, winning Michigan Rum Distillery of the Year, a silver medal for its Red Tape series rum and a bronze for its vodka at the prestigious 2019 New York International Spirits Competition.

The tasting room will be open Thursday and Friday from 2 p.m. until 9 p.m. and Saturday from noon until 10 p.m., and will offer small batches of its products vodka, rum, gin, white whiskey and Apple Pie Moonshine, in tasting flights, on the rocks or in one of its signature, hand-crafted cocktails.

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  • Matt McCartney

    Borisch………Gee, I wonder if he’s the one who supplied 99.99% of the start-up cash? That Amphenol money burning a hole in your pocket?

    • Jimmy supa fly snooka

      Going thru life full of jealousy is not good for you. They made their money the old fashioned way, they earned it. They can do with it whatever they want. Now stop being a Douche bag that hates on wealthy people.

      • Matt McCartney

        James. I used to work for Borisch (out on East Paris) I know how the money was made. I’m aware of the government contracts. I was part of that. My comment (had you bothered absorbing it at all) was a jab at his partners. I know who the wealthy guy is in this venture. And it sure as hell isn’t Post or VanDyke. Now James, take your douche out and stop being so bitter. It isn’t good for you. It’s my opinion. If my opinion bothers you, then so be it. Quit crying, as if you know the Borisch family or ever worked for them. Oh, and quit pretending to be “wealthy”. Wealthy people don’t have time to monitor comment sections.

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