Indiana judge facing charges for his role in fight

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — One of two Indiana judges shot in the wee hours outside a fast-food restaurant was charged Friday with battery for his role in the May fight.

The Marion County prosecutor announced grand jury indictments against three people, including Clark County Judge Andrew Adams, about two months after an argument turned violent outside a White Castle in Indianapolis around 3:30 a.m.

Adams and another Clark County judge, Bradley Jacobs, were shot while in Indianapolis for a work-related conference. Their injuries were serious but not life-threatening, and authorities don’t believe they were targeted because of their jobs.

Adams and Alfredo Vazquez were each charged with two felony counts of battery and other misdemeanors. The alleged gunman, Brandon Kaiser, was charged with aggravated battery, battery with a deadly weapon and other crimes. Jacobs wasn’t indicted.

An email seeking comment was sent to Adams’ attorney. Kaiser didn’t have a lawyer listed in the court file. Vazquez’ attorney, Gregory Brent Spencer, said his client was acting in self-defense.

“His version will come out as we progress through the case,” Spencer said.

Prosecutor Terry Curry said video had a role in the investigation.

“You cannot assert self-defense if you’re determined to be the initial aggressor in a confrontation or if you willingly enter into mutual combat with the other person,” Curry said without specifically referring to any of the defendants.

Separately, the Indiana Supreme Court responded to the charges by suspending Adams with pay. He’ll likely appear in an Indianapolis court next week.

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