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Man charged for allegedly beating dog unconscious

A mug shot of Thomas Anderson.

HART, Mich. — A Muskegon man is facing animal cruelty charges for allegedly punching his dog until it was unconscious.

Thomas Anderson, 48, was arraigned Thursday after authorities say he punched a dog in the head 10 times until it was unconscious.

Deputies were called on June 16 to an area on the White River near the Hesperia Dam on a report of a man hitting a dog until it was unconscious or dead.

Three witnesses told a deputy they saw the man beating the animal before he left the area.

When authorities found him, the deputy found two dogs in the back of the pickup truck, and one of them looked battered.

The man allegedly told authorities he dragged the dog back to his truck after the incident because it was “defying” him.

Both dogs are being kept at the Oceana County Animal Shelter where they are recovering.

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  • Sherri Santos

    I pray this beast, this monster who did this to his precious fur baby get sent to jail for a long time. That dog didn’t deserve to be hit. I hope this fur baby will be placed in a forever loving home. And that that coward of a man will never be allowed to own another dog. Praying for a full recovery for that precious fur baby!

    • Matt McCartney

      Go over to the article about the infant whose parents beat her (allegedly) to death. 96 fractures. No comments in that section. The “sickness” in our society is the elevation of animal life above human. Of course this man should be punished to the maximum extent under the law. But “fur baby”? That is the most vomit-inducing phrase I have ever read.

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