Rainbow crosswalks come to Battle Creek

BATTLE CREEK, Mich. -- Downtown Battle Creek will soon have a new look as a city contractor is planning to paint some crosswalks in honor of gay pride.

The crosswalks at the intersection of Capital Avenue NE and VanBuren Street E will be painted Monday, July 8 and will serve as visual symbols of both the city’s inclusion of the LGBTQ+ community and the impact on the city community at large.

They will be painted with a rainbow pattern for the upcoming Pride Festival from July 18 – 21.

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  • Kevin Rahe

    So what does the city mean by this? Is it just a stand against unjust discrimination, such as refusing to seat a same-gender couple in a restaurant, firing someone “because they’re gay” or refusing to make a custom birthday cake for someone because they’re in a same-gender relationship? Or do they also mean to oppose JUST discrimination, such as an adoption agency refusing to place a child in the highly unnatural position of being raised by two people of the same gender, or a florist refusing to cooperate in the promotion of a same-gender union as a good thing by arranging flowers specifically for the occasion?

  • We the people

    I feel I’m being discriminated against with all this gay stuff being thrown in my face and they tell me I have to except it. BULL SHIT!

    • Who Cares

      Equality feels like opposition when you are privileged. So if this feels oppressive to you , then congrats, you are living a life full of privilege!

  • steve

    This display on sidewalks in Battle Creek, plus the street mural in Grand Rapids are irrefutable proof that Kermit the Frog is gay! Remember him singing a song called ‘The Rainbow Connection’?

  • J.B.

    Military Service=NO
    So i guess this is the one thing that the SJW’s actually approve of having “pride” in without having an almost instant lawsuit demanding its removal?
    How interestingly specific.

  • On It

    This is another embarrassment brought to you by leftist wackos, leftist wackos who infiltrate our government….because we let them. EVERY election is important. NEVER fall for democrat ads full of complete lies….unless this is your desired outcome for this country. Minnesota is letting born alive, despite surviving abortion horrors, babies die. Die. Die. The way of the left is horrific. Never forget.

  • D Booton

    Where is the sidewalk/ mural for straight pride. There are a lot more straight than gay ppl, another instance of a minority of ppl getting recognition. It’s not equality, if you don’t also dedicate something to straight ppl that make voters and taxpayers for your stupid waste of money ideas

    • gobluespartyon

      It came from private funds saw the report last night on Channel 8 I have no problem with rainbows on the street nothing to be triggered about.

  • Rj

    There’s a foundation in Battle Creek that was built by Americans who ate there cereal, can you guess who they are ? This is the progressive party in America who will continue to progress to what ? The destruction of everything your parents, Grandparents and great grandparents made . Rainbows are being painted all over this country for a minuscule number of people who will never represent or fight for your freedom.

  • pips

    Will stepping on the crosswalk now be considered a hate crime? What if you spit on it or spill a milk shake? The BC jail will be full of “nazis” who commit crimes against a crosswalk.

  • gobluespartyon

    It’s cool and awesome to see rainbows painted on the street I have no problem with it. Glad that it came from private funds as well not tax dollars but I wouldn’t have a problem with that if it did.

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