Trooper runs stop sign, handcuffs other driver

DETROIT — A man was put in handcuffs Thursday after he hit a Michigan State Police trooper’s unmarked SUV that ran a stop sign in a Detroit intersection.

FOX 2 reports the crash happened on the city’s southwest side. Surveillance footage from a neighbor’s house shows the SUV ignoring a stop sign and driving through the intersection when it was hit.

The crash sent the SUV spinning off the road and injured both drivers.

After the vehicles collided, the surveillance video shows the trooper exit the SUV and order the other driver, Carlos Martinez, get on the ground before putting him in handcuffs.

Martinez’ mother said her son asked to call his parents, but was told he “don’t need no parents and plus you don’t have no rights right now,” she said.

MSP declined to comment on the incident. Martinez has since been released from the hospital and hasn’t been charged.

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  • C

    I’m guessing that the driver of the unmarked SUV will be making a career change soon. And, if the officer actually told the other driver that he “don’t need no parents and plus you don’t have no rights right now” he deserves it.

    • Matt

      Way to jump to conclusions, maybe the dude doesn’t have a driver’s license, maybe he is an illegal, maybe he was under the influence. Maybe the cop was in the wrong. But from this story you cant tell any of that, other then what dudes mom has to say. Just sick of people bashing police when 99% of the time its the civilians fault, even if they be a good boy and dunno do nuffin wrong

      • C

        Hey, Wimdit. I said I’m guessing. What does that mean? I’m not bashing the cop where it may not be desrved. I’m only basing my thoughts on the video and the words in the article. You’re jumping to more conclusions than I am. Duh!

      • Jason

        The police officer 100% was in the wrong and blatantly ran a stop sign. Not a four-way stop, as indicated by the total lack of “4 Way” under the stop sign and total lack of stop signs on the perpendicular road to the cop. The poor driver in the red car was just driving along on a road they absolutely, for sure, 1,000% had the right of way on, and that cop for sure, 1,000% on camera ran that damned stop sign and caused an accident. Then immediately turned it into a power trip. There was NO checking if the guy who THE COP just caused to get into an accident was ok. It was 100%, instantaneous, time to assert authority and pull out stun guns on the person who is bleeding right now because THE COP made a potentially lethal mistake and ran a stop sign.

        There is no “other side of the story” bullshit here. The cop was utterly in the wrong, and then turned the victim of his own negligence into more victimization by then pulling weapons on the person who he caused injury to, while the poor victim could have been in severe physical trauma, what with just being in a damned car accident where HE, the victim, went from whatever speed to zero in a heartbeat.

        Other side of the story. What the actual hell? The cop blatantly caused a potentially lethal accident due to negligence, then instantly turned it into a power trip by causing additional trauma on the very person he just caused physical and mental trauma to my causing a car accident.

      • Cjs

        And the officer was able to ascertain these theories from just being hit by the other car? He instantly detained the other driver. No questions asked, no worries about his physical condition….nothing. I guess because he was brown the obvious conclusion is that he was an illegal, had a suspended licence or was drunk.

      • Bill

        try to keep up here. the storm trooper ran a stop sign and then tried to get away with it. the only reaon it didnt work is because of someones security cam. cops are out of control and untouchable.

      • Jay

        So the driver of the red car as released for the hospital and not charged with anything. What are your thoughts on this now ?

    • AJ Basso

      No, he won’t be making a career change because he’s going to do 2 weeks paid vacation and go right back on the job. As always.

  • steve

    You don’t suppose that the cop was unaware of the camera recording the incident do you? Surely he wouldn’t have planned to recreate what happened explaining that Carlos was at fault. After all, who are people going to believe, a cop or a 17 year-old kid? I wonder how he felt when he found out about the camera. Ooops.

  • Roslyn

    No good cop should be jailed for causing a serious accident and making a false arrest. We don’t need him on the streets. He can’t follow or obey driving laws. Waste of taxpayers money.

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