2 arrested while police respond to fight at GR park

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — Two people were arrested Wednesday at a Grand Rapids park while police were dealing with a report of fight.

The incident happened around 5 p.m. at Martin Luther King Park on Fuller Avenue.

Police said officers were called to the park for a fight involving teens, and several of them became combative while they were interviewing suspects.

Backup was called in after eight to 10 of the estimated 100 teens at the pool became aggressive, police said.

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  • Sillyoldme

    So, these punks are now becoming combative with legal authority. They should all be so proud as should the parent raising them. Is a sad day when those causing the problems think that they are so entitled that they have to answer to no one.
    How many battle and bullet scars will it take to change their minds?

  • stop the madness

    So kids are being brought up to think its ok to disrespect police officers. Meanwhile, the community complains about violence in the streets. Why would any one want to be an officer?

  • steve

    What kind of behavior would you expect from a group of thugs when the city’s government has told the residents to not interfere with them when they’re just “living their lifestyle”? Because of the intimidation of a relatively small group of people, the authority of the police has been greatly diminished and those who may have had little regard for laws in the past have absolutely none today.

    • RP

      Unfortunately our mayor and city commission is starting to model this great city after failing Portland Oregon. How about we Let the police handle the police work!

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