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Deputies: Texas man ‘entirely consumed’ by his own dogs

JOHNSON COUNTY, Texas – Deputies determined a missing Texas man was reportedly eaten by more than one of his dogs, KTVT reported.

Deputies were called to a trailer home to perform a welfare check on 57-year-old Freddie Mack May 6; relatives said they had not heard from Mack since April 19.

According to KTVT, relatives couldn’t get close enough to check on Mack because 18 aggressive dogs were keeping them away. With the help of deputies, family was able to search a small area of the property, but they could not locate Mack.

Deputies said they tried again May 9, but because of the aggressive dogs, they were unable to thoroughly search the area. A drone was flown over the property, and Mack was listed as a missing person.

Family and neighbors said it was odd for Mack to leave his dogs unattended, according to KTVT.

On May 15, deputies said one of them discovered a piece of bone on the property; two days later, a search warrant was executed and several pieces of bone were sent to a medical examiner.

According to KTVT, 16 dogs were seized May 19 so the search could continue. This search turned up strips of cloth, dog feces containing bone fragments and suspected human hair.

Law enforcement began to suspect Mack had been eaten when relatives described clothing worn by Mack that resembled the fabric found in the feces.

Sheriff Adam King said Mack suffered from a medical condition, so it is unclear if the dogs killed Mack or if they just consumed him after he died.

According to KTVT, because of the dogs’ aggressive nature, they were put down.

On July 9, two pieces of bone fragment were positively identified as Freddie Mack.

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1 Comment

  • stop the madness

    Live by the aggressive dogs, die by the aggressive dogs. Poor animals. I wonder who fed and watered them to wash down their Big Mack.

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