Planned ICE raids cause fear for migrant families in West Michigan

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents plan to arrest thousands of undocumented migrants in raids scheduled to begin across the U.S., Sunday.

The raids are reportedly scheduled to take place in 10 major cities, that does not include Grand Rapids but there is fear among migrant families who call west Michigan home.

FOX 17 spoke with Meghan Moore an immigration lawyer at Avanti Law Group in Wyoming. Moore helps locals find a path to legal status and defends others who face deportation.

"I’ve seen first hand what happens to families impacted by this," Moore, said.

Moore says while the Grand Rapids region specifically ,is not a target, ICE agents already have a presence in the area.

"ICE is active here everyday. We have vibrant immigrant communities in southwest Michigan, some immigrants here are undocumented or are in the process of getting their residencies so they don’t yet have illegal status," Moore, explained.

She says the planned raids have spiked fear in locals, and not just among undocumented migrants.

"There's fear everywhere, It's in clients it’s in their children it's in their spouses.  Even if they are citizens, their children are citizens, they are not in danger but they are going to sleep tonight wondering if on Monday morning their dad will be around or they will be able to see their kids in the near future," Moore, added.

According to Moore that fear is growing, adding that even those not targeted by ice, could end up in their custody.

"While they are looking for people who have orders for removal  or deportation they also will arrest anyone who is there in the way," Moore, added.

ICE planned to begin this operation last month but that was postponed by the current administration.

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  • Steve

    As a tax paying citizen for over 30 years, I hope that Ice rounds up as many people here illegally as they can find. There is a process to become a legal citizen of the USA. If you cannot follow that process then get the %$^& out!!

  • Content Awaiting Moderation

    I have Mexican in laws who’s ancestors came here legally. Their opinion of the line jumpers is not very high.

  • Sillyoldme

    If I was living in a foreign country and taking advantage of that country’s way of life and was doing so illegally, yes, I would be scared as well. And, I know better than even attempting to do so.
    Bringing legal family members into that picture would be using them as an excuse….

  • BS

    This action should be on-going every day. The people targeted by ICE are those who have already had their day in court, have been denied entry to the United States and given their deportation orders. That they chose to ignore U.S. law says all you need to know about these criminals. Other illegal aliens that get caught up in the roundup only have their fellow lawbreakers to thank.

  • Rj

    We as taxpayers are paying over 250+ billion a year on illegals and we are supposed to be okay with this ? We as Americans break the law and we go to jail, illegals break the law coming here and break the law again and they are set free, politicians want them to be set free and Michigan is one of many states who in the last election passed a measure for automatic registration at the DMV and the next step is allowing them to vote. Plus the fact infectious diseases are exploding in this country while Americans are being blamed for not inoculating our kids. If you are in the area of 28th and Buchanan, On Buchanan south of 28th street on the west side one block south you will see DHS FEMA busses staged and cycled when the next bus load comes into the area.

  • lml25

    Strange…I don’t have any FEAR of ICE –maybe because I’m a legal citizen–and I pay my taxes and don’t break the law by being here ILLEGALLY.But the media likes to say the illegals are AFRAID and there’s FEAR.They repeat those trigger words over and over–trying to get people to be sympathetic to illegal foreigners–who have been given deportation orders to go back home–because you shouldn’t BE HERE.And the CHILDREN (another trigger word)are in CAGES–SEPARATED and in FEAR.
    Enough already FOX.Reading CNN and AP is bad enough,try to be objective.

  • Jakob Stagg

    Increasing fear among illegal aliens is a good thing. It should discourage more illegal activities. They are invaders and need to be stopped.

  • Tiny

    Fear is the beginning of wisdom. WISE UP illegal aliens. FOLLOW THE LAW. Follow the law and you won’t have to fear. Follow the rules and you won’t be separated from your uncles and cousins. Quit breaking the laws and obey the law and you won’t need to worry. This is not advanced intelligence here people. It’s simple stuff. Remember Jim Carrey in LIAR LIAR, when he told the chronic criminal to “STOP BREAKING THE LAW.” That should be the go to meme to send to every moronic congreesman and woman who still doesn’t get it. We have laws. We must enforce them. If you don’t want to enforce US laws QUIT your job in congress. Get out of office now. Open your house gates and let all these people stay with you. Take down your fences around your homes. Feed all these illegal aliens you care so much about. And as for the leaders of Mexico, Honduras, El Salvador, Ecuador, etc…these must have the weakest male leaders ever who can’t even control or care for their own people. Disgraceful and embarrassing.

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