DocNetwork gives parents peace of mind sending kids to summer camp

As a parent, it's natural for some nerves to come along with sending the kids off to camp. Parents can find peace of mind knowing that councilors know all of the child's health needs thanks to a new online tool, DocNetwork.

Dr. Michael Ambrose, an ER Pediatrician and founder of DocNetwork, is the author of the New American Academy of Pediatrics Policy Statement focused on improving health and safety at camps.

When families find the right camp for their child, the camp experience has been proven to have a lasting and positive effect on psychosocial development, self-esteem, relationships, independence, leadership, values, and even sparks a willingness to try new things.

More than 14,000 day and resident camps exist in the United States, and approximately 14 million children attend day or resident camp, supported by 1.5 million staff members.

There are many health and safety risks facing these children, ranging from food allergies and medication needs to social and emotional issues, potential injuries and homesickness.

DocNetwork is a safe and secure web-based software solution that manages electronic health records. It is designed specifically for schools, camps and other youth organizations and activities such as field trips, study abroad, extracurricular activities, scouting and youth programs, sports, and more.

Outside of DocNetwork, here are a few more tips from Dr. Ambrose on how parents can prepare their child for summer camp.

  • Advance preparation is the single best thing parents can do to ensure that their children have a fantastic experience at summer camp.
  • Provide electronic health records to the camp and ensure your child is vaccinated and has all necessary medications well in advance of their trip.
  • Talk to your child about summer camp—about the fun activities they’ll do and the friends they’ll make.
  • If your child gets homesick, try to avoid picking them up. By staying, they will build independence, resilience, and memories for a lifetime.

Start an electronic health record at

For more information on DocNetwork, visit

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