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Sparta gun store targeted overnight

SPARTA, Mich. -- Imperial Gunworx security alarms went off around 3:30 a.m. after an alleged break-in, according to the store owner.

We have a crew on scene working to learn more.

No word yet on any stolen guns, however the front door was smashed in.

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  • lml25

    Do you think these thugs broke into the store just to browse around?Maybe to RETURN some guns previously stolen?Come on.Logic is your friend.,learn it..etc etc etc.

    • Brian F

      Either we have people stocking up for a war, or they are grabbing guns for the buy back program. 3 stores in 1 weekend……common people. get ready!!!!!!!!

    • Buttnozzle

      Robbery involves a human victim. A break-in is not robbery. A burglary is not robbery. The comment did not approve or disapprove the facts of the story – the comment only pointed out the general illiteracy of local “news”. Especially FOX-affiliated outlets. So cool your fascist jets there, Mr. Logic.

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