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Grand Rapids brewery takes on hard seltzer

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — A Grand Rapids brewery is getting in on a growing trend in the alcohol industry.

Hard seltzers made by companies like White Claw and Truly are becoming more popular — sales are up nearly 200% from last year. Perrin Brewing Company is getting on board, offering the only Michigan-made craft hard seltzer.

“Sold out over the first weekend. People really wanted it,” said Connor Klopcic, a brewer. “A lot of people say it’s nice having a local option. Instead of just White Claw and Truly.”

Perfecting the drink took Perrin’s brewers a lot of practice.

“We wanted to see if we could even do it. We didn’t know we could,” Klopcic said.

Clear Coast is the locally-owned company’s response to big-name hard seltzers becoming more popular.

“It is really our answer to it. Because it was taking up a large market share,” Klopcic said. “Now we can start growing with the overall category, instead of being scared of it.”

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  • lml25

    I seriously doubt it–a CRAZE?Along with fake news,now FOX combines advertising with a nothing story–exaggerates the premise—and tries to pass it off as REAL news.Is this going to be the lead story tonight at 5 pm?Or will it be “BREAKING NEWS”!Any chance to strive for a little journalistic integrity,FOX?

    • TJW

      As someone who works in the bar/restaurant industry, the alcoholic sparkling seltzer is a very new popular market and it’s definitely a craze ever since it came out last year.

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