For Sale: Haunted Chair in Grand Rapids

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. – Anyone in the market for some haunted furniture.

Kristin Dunham in Grand Rapids has an antique chair for sale on Facebook Marketplace. In the post, the chair costs $50 and may come with some side effects.

She says that her husband doesn’t want it in the house because it is haunted and weird things would happen in whatever room it was located.

Facebook Marketplace post for a haunted chair

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  • Tim Dunham

    I am the husband in question and I would like to add that we picked this up at an estate sale a few years ago and did not initially intend to buy the chair. It was the last day of the sale and the gentleman was quite insistent on selling the chair which he said was not part of the estate lot but one his parents brought over and said “get rid of”. He made us a lot deal on several items with a contingency being the chair had to be part of the lot. Very unsettling things occur when in proximity to the chair and there are definitely no returns! When my wife says sit on the bed she is understating it a bit…

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