Dynamite removed from building in Allegan

ALLEGAN, Mich. — Police have removed six sticks of dynamite after a man found them in a basement in Allegan.

Michigan State Police and Allegan authorities went to the home in the 100 block of Grand Street Thursday afternoon.

The man found the sticks of dynamite in the basement of the house and put them in his truck to take to authorities. He decided to call authorities before transporting them, and they recommended he not move them himself.

Crews responded and removed the dynamite from the scene.

People who live nearby took the unusual situation in stride.

"I was like, Oh it's Allegan, it's not a big deal," said Barb Garlock, who works at Allegan Hair Studio. "It's kind of comical in a lot of ways. My husband is on the police department and fire department, (so) I don't fuss over that stuff."

Police said the man who discovered the dynamite did the right thing by calling them, and anyone else who comes across explosives should do the same.

"They should do exactly what the owner did: make us aware so that we can take care of it properly and don't assume that things are going to not go the way they went today," Allegan Police Chief Jay Gibson said. "Just get a hold of us. We will take care of it. It might seem like a lot of to-do, but it's the best way to get things done the proper way."

No explosions occurred, and no one was injured. Authorities are going to take the dynamite to a remote place and set it on fire to dispose of it.


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