Urgent blood drives popping up amid blood shortage

WYOMING, Mich. — West Michigan is no stranger to the blood shortage happening nationwide.

Several hospitals and nonprofits across the state are working to solve the problem, including Metro Health and Versiti Blood Center of Michigan.

As the summer rolls on, the need for blood continues to grow. People get out more with the warmer temperatures, leading to an increase in accidents that often require blood to keep someone alive.

The blood collected is also incredibly important to patients with chronic conditions who require routine blood transfusions.

Setting up shop Thursday with help from Metro Health, Versiti Blood Center of Michigan rolled into town to continue to combat the shortage.

The goal was to receive blood from 21 patients, which may not seem like a ton, but one unit can serve up to three people afterward. Thursday's drive, as well as several other in recent past, have either met or exceeded the daily goal.

If you would like to donate blood and help ease the shortage, Metro Health's next blood drive is Aug. 13.

Dawn Coval with Metro Health says that if you are nervous, just remember that the workers who will be drawing your blood are trained professionals and do it every day.

It typically takes about 30 minutes to donate a complete unit of blood and you get a little snack after your are done. You are also asked to stay hydrated and eat a balanced diet before donating.

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1 Comment

  • Sw

    You donate your time and blood for free, and then in return they sell it, but give you none of that profit.

    If you were in a situation and needed blood could you afford to pay for the blood ??

    Whats the cost of one unit of blood ?

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