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Woman calls 911 on black family falsely claiming they’re a gang

CASCADE TOWNSHIP, Mich. — A confrontation between a woman and a neighbor led to a call to police and a false report of alleged gang activity.

Patricia Elena says she's never had a problem dropping off her kids at their father's Cascade Township home until this weekend. She says the family has been dealing with a neighbor, Tammy Postma, lurking around their condo.

But, Elena says she was still surprised when Postma threw slurs her way and then called the police on her.

"I was just here dropping my kids off the TV, the rafts, and that's when she said that. She stormed across her yard and said 'get out, you don't belong here go back to the ghetto,'" Elena said.

It was her ex-boyfriend's neighbor, Tammy Postma, yelling insults from her condo across the street and when Elena asked her to not do so in front of her three children, Postma became angry and called the police.

"I was like I didn't think I heard her right so I made sure I grabbed my phone and I said 'no I'm going to record this' and that's what you saw on the video," says Elena.

In the video, Postma can be heard saying "gang activity" on the phone, and the police report  on the incident says she called because of "gang activity." When FOX 17 asked Postma about it, she didn't have much to say.

"I don't know, I don't know," Postma said. "But you know what I had a couple of drinks and just end that."

Her claims about a few drinks also showed up in the police report, which states that she had a full glass of wine near her when the police arrived and was slurring her words.

Still, Elena says, it's not an excuse for her actions.

"How could you do that? How could you subject to people having to live on eggshells and in fear just because of your ignorance and bigotry," says Elena.

This time Postma is off the hook for her unwarranted call to the police, but next time it could lead to charges.

"Continued false reports using 911 in a manner that's not permissible, not an emergency stalking type behavior is absolute situations that could lead to criminal charges," says Kent County Undersheriff Chuck DeWitt.

Unfortunately, Elena's family has only lived in the neighborhood for a month but she said she hopes this type of behavior does not continue.

"Meanwhile the next day my son's asking mom 'what did we do wrong?' like we were just laughing," how do you explain that to a child?" Elena said.

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  • Steve Barker

    So why was she let off the hook? A fake 911 call is not a minor thing. This woman committed a crime, one that could have easily ended in tragedy.

    • Michael

      Charged with what? They didn’t let her off the hook…..she just didn’t commit a crime.

      She can’t be charged with filing a false police report. It has to be a false report of a crime. She accused them of gang activity. Gang activity isn’t a crime.

      She can’t be charged with misuse of 911. That has to be repeated. Just 1 call isn’t misuse. (Which is why the sheriff said if it happens again she will be charged)

      She can’t be charged with harassment- no such law.

      She can’t be charged with stalking- once again that has to be repeated.

      • j cool

        Not allowed to use 911 for non emergencies. She was issued a warning, plus another warning for public drunkeness and acting in a threatening manor.

        • Michael

          J Cool –

          Find me the “non-emergency” law. It doesn’t exist. The police can’t arrest you for calling 1 time on something they think wasn’t an emergency. They get stupid calls all the time. It’s when they warn you not to call and you do it again when it becomes a violation. (The statute actually says “repeatedly”)

          Public drunkenness? She was in her own front yard. That’s not considered a public place.

          Acting in a threatening manner? I’d like to see that law as well. Verbal arguments happen all the time. It’s not against the law to argue.

          A cop can warn you not to do all sorts of things. It doesn’t mean what they told you not to do is actually against the law. Like I said before she wasn’t let off the hook-she just didn’t commit any crimes. (Many laws require you to do something twice before they kick in-if she does it again then much of what I said wasn’t a crime becomes a crime)

          • Alex

            They already asked but I’m asking anyway, what’s your point? But independent that in your mind it is not a crime, is it OK to harass a family just because white trash entitlement?

      • Adam

        She was clearly wrong and misused the 911 system – She should be charged 911 is for emergencies and this is clearly not an emergency and should be charged accordingly at least a fine

        • Michael

          Reading comprehension isn’t your strong suit is it.

          Misuse of 911 REQUIRES more than 1 call. It actually says “repeated” calls in the statute. You might not like it, you might not agree with it, but that’s what the law says. The police can’t make up their own laws to charge people with. As such there’s nothing to charge her with unless she does it again.

      • Mia

        Where did you get educated?? You CAN be attested for filing a false report!! Before you try to educate someone start by educating yourself

        • Michael


          As far as education I’ve been an Officer for 15 years. The applicable law is 750.411a. I suggest you look it up before trying to correct me.

          You can be arrested for filing a false report OF A CRIME. She called about gang activity which isn’t a crime. If you falsely report a misdemeanor the penalty is a misdemeanor if you falsely report a felony the penalty is a felony. “Gang activity” doesn’t fit into either category Aka she didn’t commit a crime.

          My only objection is to the people saying “the cops should have….”. This lady was wrong and is a disgusting person. She wasted the deputies valuable time. Unfortunately there was nothing they could do.

      • Greyvet

        Is SWATing a crime? Is making a false report a crime? You say ‘gang activity is not a crime, maybe not on it’s face but it surely puts people in gang databases and brands them. It also is cause for people to be lined up and searched (illegally i think).
        Do you think it’s odd these same police departments exercise a ‘broken windows policy when dealing with communities of color yet can’t seem to find it in their playbook to charge these folks making false reports?
        Using the same logic as the ‘broken windows’ policy wouldn’t you think, the arrest of the callers would reduce it’s occurrence?

  • Chase

    What you see is the inner fears of white people who have lead isolated lives, who constantly see black people in the news committing crimes. Those white folks assume all blacks are like that.. And lets face it, right or wrong, what she did is the result of, if not in part, because of the black community leaderships lack of doing something about its criminal element problem.

    • Any D to Dump Trump (@tastelesschap)

      Wow! You know white people commit crimes as well. A lot of crimes. Should we all be overly fearful of white people because so many crimes are committed by whites? And your ignorant comment further assumes that there is ONE black community in this country. There isn’t. We are as varied and diverse as any other racial demographic.

  • lml25

    Well reporter,Candese found a white person to crucify.Congratulations.Will FOX overhype it?This IS an anomaly,you know.What lesson should we learn from this incident–pray tell?All whites are racist?All activities blacks are involved in are non-criminal in nature?What is the point?Lawsuit?The wheels are spinning,I’m sure.

    • Will

      You don’t seem to side with the African American family or understand the false 911 call or the assumptions of gang or criminal activities because of someone’s color/race!!! Hope you’re not a Trump supporter as well???

    • Sweetms

      Fox News didn’t FIND her, she presented herself. This exemplifies white folks cant handle simple wine and suffers from paranoia and lack of knowledge of their surroundings. Woman doesn’t know anything about this family nor the city. Grand Rapids does not have ghettos. She would stroke out if she were dropped her off in a Ghetto. Ignorance is Bliss. Sober Up woman!!

  • xphile01

    This woman should have been charged … her actions were disgusting to the core ….this was racism! I am a TRUMP supporter …..I am sick of the media playing us as racists ….

  • Linda Gonzalez

    Our neighbor once told my husband to go back to the ghetto..haha…he isn’t from the ghetto…ignorance…luckily she moved away!

  • J.B.

    I like how this is a super big deal and how white people have a big racism problem and this moron should be arrested and prosecuted.
    Anyone remember Jussie Smollet?

    • Unity

      I was just going to say that.

      You all do understand, that stereotypes are formed for a reason. My guess is, that this article is not the whole story.

      • TrumpIsWeak

        Maybe all stereotypes are built upon a reason, but not necessarily all stereotypes are build upon a legitimate reason. If a black kid stole your pencil in 1st grade and you went on to be a racist 50 year old from that, I think it’s safe to say you’re the problem, not black people. Get over yourself and grow a pair. Or else you’ll just have to accept everyone’s stereotypes about white people, such as you’re all bad at sports and age terribly.

        • J.B.

          ” Being racist against racist people does not equal racism. ”
          And seeing you are the voice of un-biased reason here,
          Please feel free to continuing informing us about all of “whitey’s” stereotypes and biases..
          I highly anticipate the thorough explanation and education that you can provide absolutely free of charge here.

  • stop the assumptions

    A perfect example of why people should get out and at least meet your neighbors. Seclusion and alcohol can be an agonizing combination.

    • TrumpIsWeak

      Unlike the retired lazy white lady who spends her time peering through blinds and painting bible verses on doylees, the black family actually has lives and works and goes to school, so they probably didn’t have time for an expose.

  • irishcornaire

    Jan 21st,2021 cannot get here fast enough,so fed up with these entitled white idiots,had she pulled that in my town here in NY she would have been given a citation for making a non-emergency call

  • mangodawnie

    Of course she is off the hook because racism doesn’t doesn’t happen anymore, right? She should be so proud of herself, makin merica great again huh, Tammy?

  • Dave Marquez

    Calling 911 and making false reports and lying to the police to falsely incriminate someone is against the law, the women reported “Gang Activity” against and innocent woman and her children!

  • Matt

    Irony at its best. The lady calls a black family a gang and turns around to actually call the most violent gang in America, the police. They are all lucky no ones dog was shot by police.

  • Deborah

    A little over a month ago, the police received a 911 call stating the caller witnessed myself being punched in the face 4 times by my husband. This never occurred! They had the bar to break my door, shields & all 6-8 with guns drawn. It freaked me out guns pointed at me & my husband both and I was the “alleged” victim. They cuffed me & made me stand outside my home while they raided my home taking all firearms. There was never a threat about hurting anyone with them nor ever threatened anyone with them. They were bought mainly for self protection in the home. In addition, they arrested my husband and did not even read him his rights.

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