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More severe storms potential for Saturday afternoon / evening

WEST MICHIGAN -- After an overnight of severe thunderstorms, we quiet down for a period this morning and early afternoon before more potentially significant activity develops later today. It appears the best timing for thunderstorms to return to the West Michigan viewing area will be between 3-10 P.M. from northwest to southeast.

Yet another organized cluster of showers and thunderstorms, or MCS ( Mesoscale Convective System ), will approach from the west this afternoon and bring back a damaging wind threat to West Michigan. The Storm Prediction Center has upgraded a good chunk of the viewing area into an "Enhanced" risk for severe weather this afternoon and evening.

Locally in Grand Rapids, it seems the late afternoon could be the best time frame to look for thunderstorms to develop. Whenever thunderstorms ultimately do move into Grand Rapids, they will move into Kalamazoo shortly thereafter. Stay tuned to updated forecasts through the day.


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  • Heather Weather

    Thanks for letting us know this time! The only threat you identified in the wee hours this morning was for Mecosta county and surrounding areas. Anyone that watches the radar could see that Ottawa and Kent counties (and other Western Michigan areas) were gonna take a direct hit from this morning’s storm. You may have given warnings on TV but, we don’t have cable and the storm arrived way after midnight. BTW, that’s a fairly large cell coming across Minnesota and Wisconsin at the moment! Keep us posted!

    • Matt McCartney

      Heather……….Fox17 is a news service. Not a weather reporting agency. If you want accurate up to the second weather reports and any associated warnings, then you need to use the National Weather Service. My phone was loaded with half a dozen warnings from them last night: wind, rain, hail etc, and where and when we could expect to be hit.

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