‘Reprehensible’: Disturbing videos show men dumping buckets of water on NYPD officers

NEW YORK CITY- Officials are outraged after two videos surfaced on social media Monday showing New York Police Department officers being drenched with buckets of water by groups of men.

One of the videos was shot in Brooklyn and the other in Harlem, WPIX reports.

The videos show the group of men dump buckets of water on the officers, with bystanders laughing in the background. At one point, a bucket actually hits one of the officers in the head. It's not clear what led to the acts.

WPIX reports that it's also not clear when the incidents happened. But city and police department officials have released statements calling the actions "reprehensible."

The New York City Police Benevolent Association also released a statement.

WPIX reports that the NYPD is looking into the incidents and charges could be filed.

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  • C

    Mob mentality brought to you by liberalism. Incremental destruction of our country from within has become the norm, and many people, especially the young, have no idea what they’re doing or care if they do.

  • Cthulhu247

    We can thank Obama for starting this stupidity against officers, the New Democratic Liberal Party for perpetuating it and the liberal media for falsely covering these events. This is just another reason to ALWAYS carry a firearm. Help protect our boys in blue! Don’t let violent idiots harm another innocent person, be they first responders, religious, left, right, straight, gay or otherwise. Anarchy has no place in America. Those who engage in this type of behavior should be held fully accountable for their idiocy.

  • stop the madness

    President Trump, please give Giuliani back to the New Yorkers. They need him just as much as you do, maybe more if this escalates.

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