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Cat shelter reaches capacity due to lack of adoptions

BYRON CENTER, Mich. — Focus on Ferals, a volunteer-run cat rescue, has reached capacity at its shelter and are currently unable to take in any more cats.

Focus on Ferals is a no-kill shelter in Byron Center. They take in cats that people either find or can no longer take care of.

The cats are rehabilitated and eventually found new homes. Unfortunately, the crowded quarters are making everything more difficult.

Adult cats are housed at the shelter on Clyde Park Avenue SW, while kittens are kept with foster families because of their delicate immune systems. Focus on Ferals' foster program is also at capacity.

Some families are even taking care of multiple sets of kittens.

Lori Frey, a volunteer at the shelter, says, “If we put more cats in these rooms, all we’re gonna have is cat fights and they’re not going to seem adoptable to the public because they’re going to be stressed. They’re not going to show their best selves.”

In total, the shelter is currently housing about 160 cats.

“We don’t have any more room for adult cats because they aren’t getting adopted. We don’t have room for kittens because they're not getting adopted,” Frey says.

Frey says most people looking to adopt a cat want kittens. Some of the adult cats living at the shelter have been up for adoption for several years. A poster on the wall outside one of the cat rooms lists the animals that have been there the longest.

Two cats by the names of Reginald and Posey have been there for three years now.

To get out of this tough situation, Frey says people can help in a variety of ways.

“We need adoptions, we need volunteers, we need fosters, we need donations and we need people to spay and neuter,” she says.

For more information about Focus on Ferals, or to adopt a cat, you can visit their website and Facebook page.

For information about a cost-effective spay and neuter program in West Michigan called C-SNIP, you can visit their website.

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  • Stacy Johnston

    They are a little pricey when it comes to adopting. People arent going to want to go there when they get them at the humane society for a lot cheaper, even quite often free.

  • Gregory Mitchell

    Cats are filthy. They crap in a box step in it and walk all over tables and furniture. No one wants a cat. They suck. Plus they piss in your house and the smell never goes away. Everyone knows that on

  • James Engbers Jr.

    Was turned down for adoption because I wouldn’t let them come to my property to attempt to trap, neuter, and release
    a semi-feral, semi-domestic cat (female) that lives on my and my neighbors property. Well out in the country.
    I was feeling bullied and strong-armed into acquiescing to their mission but declined. The losers are the cats which we were hoping to leave with one possibly two, but were told that if you won’t spay the cat that frequents your property, you won’t adopt from us.

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