Bernie Sanders calls for shutdown of Michigan oil pipeline

Democratic presidential hopeful and Vermont US Senator Bernie Sanders speaks on stage during a Town Hall event at the Aratani Theater in Los Angeles, California on July 25, 2019.FREDERIC J. BROWN/AFP/Getty Images)

DETROIT (AP) — Bernie Sanders has become the second Democratic presidential hopeful to call for shutting down an oil pipeline that crosses a channel linking two of the Great Lakes.

The Vermont senator said in a tweet Thursday that Enbridge’s Line 5 should be decommissioned and new fossil fuel infrastructure banned.

Line 5 carries oil and natural gas liquids from Superior, Wisconsin, to Sarnia, Ontario. It runs beneath the Straits of Mackinac connecting Lakes Huron and Michigan. It traverses large sections of northern Wisconsin and Michigan.

Sanders announced his position on the ninth anniversary of a rupture of another Enbridge pipeline that spilled 1 million gallons of oil into the Kalamazoo River.

Washington state Gov. Jay Inslee also has endorsed a Line 5 shutdown ahead of Democratic presidential debates in Detroit next week.

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  • BP

    So, what is the alternative Bernie? Hot cocoa and hugs? What do you want the U.P. to do? go back to the stone age? It’s easy for him to want it closed – it doesn’t affect him and his wealthy family at all.

  • Bighorse

    Pipelines are the safest method of fossil fuel transportation that exists. Enbridge has plans (approved by the Snyder administration) to replace the pipeline that would eliminate the danger of anchor drag. The Whitmer administration has reneged on that agreement based on false fears that any pipeline poses grave dangers. In reality, the new pipeline will improve the safety of fossil fuel transportation. Yes, the oil spill 9 years ago was traumatic. But no lives were lost, the company paid for all the cleanup, and today the Kalamazoo river is as clean as it ever was.

    Meanwhile, Bernie wants all new fossil fuel projects prohibited. Well, Bernie, I’ll go along with your plan when you replace your campaign plane with a horse and buggy and when you start using kerosene lamps in your mansions and heat them with wood that you and your wife cut down and split.

  • steve

    Collectively, the entire group of Democrat hopefuls must have the IQ of a three week old beagle. In addition, their stupidity and lack of common sense make the entire mob flat out dangerous to the direction for our country’s future and anyone who is any kind of person who truly appreciates it would never support any one of them.

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