Restaurant co-owner terminated following complaints of racist posts

MUSKEGON, Mich. — A backlash on social media has prompted a restaurant co-owner to lose his job.

Earlier this week, old posts began surfacing from Gary Redmon's Facebook page. Redmon was described as a co-owner of Redmon's Kitchen and Bar off of Pine Street in Muskegon.

The restaurant had recently opened its doors this summer.

On social media, many people expressed their shock and dismay over the posts which appear to show racist jokes.

"The first one was the image of the lady giving the baby Hennessy and watermelon," said Ebony Davis, an activist and motivational speaker who learned about the Facebook posts. "I seen a Pac-Man image of the Ku Klux Klan chasing blacks."

Davis says she saw seven posts she considered derogatory or racist, in her opinion.

"So when I saw it, I got enraged," said Davis. "I'm not going to lie, I was mad because I come from a blended family. I have a lot of mixed kids in our family. I'm like, this is unacceptable, especially for a business owner who says that you are for the betterment of Muskegon."

Redmon is described as part-owner at Redmon's Kitchen and an employee at Topshelf. Both restaurants are owned by Jim Noel. He provided FOX 17 with a statement reading, in part:

"Redmon doesn't represent Topshelf or Redmon's Kitchen and Bar views. We apologize to everyone who was offended... It is unfortunate that this has happened, but we have severed ties with Mr. Redmon." 

Earlier today, Redmon posted on social media to apologize. He wrote in part:

"I am sincerely sorry for the way it has made so many people in the community I care about feel... I am ashamed and not proud of my past actions and highly care about how everybody in the community feels." 

Redmon posted the apology on his Facebook page, which was public earlier today. The account has since turned to private.

FOX 17 reached out to Redmon over Facebook and tried to reach him in-person. We have not heard back yet.

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  • lml25

    In my opinion,it is vindictive to use this type of action against someone.We’ve witnessed it with various people like Roseanne,Papa John–and a few others–who got fired because of a
    flood of social media postings against them–which usually creates a knee-jerk decision by panicky businessmen–and eliminates “due process” for the individual charged.A simple complaint to Facebook could have gotten the offending material(and person) removed, I’m sure.Instead,it’s the guillotine for Redmon,as the restaurant tries to cut its losses and ties with the offending party before they are forced out of business.Without the publicity,a conversation between Ebony Davis and the management of Redmon’s might have resolved the issue without someone losing their job.For most of the SJW out there,a quiet solution is not the desired result though–is it?

    • Mommagumpsays

      Well, she is an “activist “ so likely spends her free time looking for things that offend her. What a sad, sad life she must live, being enraged all the time.

    • Who Cares

      First of all you are dumb!

      Second of all your post are nearly impossible to read because you don’t use the space bar between punctuation.

      Third of all the stuff that this guy had on his Facebook was and is wrong. Sometimes you have to learn the hard way and lose your job when you do things that are wrong!

      • lml25

        “Who cares” must be so worried about “space bars”,because it appears,he or she,was born WITH A GIANT SPACE BAR–between the ears!!!I’m fairly certain that someone,with nothing better to do, could listen to the wind blowing inside “who cares” head–if you got close enough–unimpeded by a solid object,like a cranium.or cerebellum.A termite or two might even be seen crawling out, after eating all the wood inside “Who cares” head. Dan Smith as well–if they’re not the same person.My last response to either one.

  • Teresa Graeber

    I’ve never even heard of Redman’s Kitchen and Bar…and I live in Muskegon. My question is how can a “co-owner” be terminated? Don’t they OWN the business? Oh and is Redman a slur against Native Americans? This is offensive to me as I am part Native American. They need to close or change their name. Yes I know it’s a name and it does not really offend me but do you see how stupid being “offended” can be? Just scroll past what “offends” you. STOP being the thought police. Some people just look for things to be offended over…how sad their lives must be :(

    • Who Cares

      Yup, a last name compared to racist pictures put on Facebook… You’re right that’s the exact same thing! Not! Get a life!

    • Who Cares

      Yup, someone’s last name and racist pictures put on Facebook are the exact same thing… You are so right! Not! Get a life!!!

    • Redmon

      I appreciate your comment. However, the spelling is Redmon. The name ethnicity is Celtic, more specifically, of Scottish descent. Again, I do appreciate your comment.

  • Daisy

    These comments are upsetting. You don’t like people who are offended? Don’t be offending. You act like you all want a pass to say or do whatever you want, without any repercussions. What happens when someone starts yelling at your daughter a sexually nasty comment? How about when a boss makes a sly sexual comment? Hey, thats ok! Right? Cause we shouldn’t be offended? Thoughts lead to comments, comments lead to action. If no one stops the comments, you can expect bad behavior next because you are condoning it. People should be held accountable for their behavior. I appreciate knowing where to spend my money. And its not with people who are always trying to bring others down because of their own low self esteem. Using silly arguments about names, isn’t the same as an individuals actions, its just deflection.

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