Man shot and killed at Grand Rapids gas station

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. -- A 26-year-old man was shot and killed Sunday morning at a Grand Rapids gas station.

The fatal shooting happened at 3:58 a.m. at the Shell gas station in the 2600 block of East Beltline Avenue SE.

The victim, identified by family as Micheal "Marlo" Jones was taken to Spectrum Butterworth Hospital immediately, where he was pronounced dead.

According to police, the gas station was full of people when the shooting took place.

Witnesses were visibly shaken at the scene but provided minimal information to police about what exactly happened.

Police say a weapon wasn't found and there is no suspect in custody.

A vigil was held for Jones at Martin Luther King Jr Park in Grand Rapids Sunday evening.

Anyone with information on the shooting is asked to call Silent Observer at 616-774-2345.

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  • Commonsense

    Minimal information given by witnesses, no suspect and no weapon found. As usual, we know nuttin…
    Wxmi, please change the written location on your story to Grand Rapids. It is their jurisdiction, we don’t need the blurry location indicator of Kent County. This is a Grand Rapids Crime statistic.

    • PW

      Oh, stop it. Crime exists anywhere and everywhere. You aren’t exempt simply because your neighborhood is in a higher tax bracket. It’s just that “your crimes” aren’t as well publicized as inner city crimes. Want proof? Check out your local pharmacies….

  • mike

    I drove by the intersection of Lake Estabrook and the beltline a month ago at midnite…saw over 100 motorcycles driving north on the beltline ignoring red lights and just plowing through the signal lights. No wonder this area is full of non-cooperative witnesses.

  • Rj

    4 am and this gas station is full of people ? These places are full of cameras and they have no suspect ? Why are police allowing these mobs to congregate like this ?

    • C

      Remember the situation where the cops came to a party at 2:30 AM near Kalamazoo and Boston SE when someone was shot and killed a short while ago? Same type of situation, same type of people. The city decided that the individuals were just ‘living their lives as they see fit’ and to call 911 and complain could result in a fine of $500.00 for someone making the call. When wild animals control the situation rather than the police and the law, really bad things are apt to happen.

    • steve

      To all the dreamers that believed a black police chief was the cure-all for thug violence in the city….Sorry. Bad people don’t give a hoot in hell about the law. or the race of those that try to enforce it.

    • Really

      Why does the crowd matter and don’t assume anything just because he black doesn’t mean the crowd had to be as well let’s not act like Caucasian people are gods

  • lml25

    Nothing good EVER happens at 3:58 am.outside of your home.Hanging out at a gas station as described, will usually not end up well for somebody .Maybe we need to put up curfews in the summer to keep people home.It’s called racist to point out that whites never pull this garbage–which includes flash robberies and flash assaults,but facts are facts.Payne wont admit these things publicly,but saying SOMETHING,in an honest attempt to describe the problem,would go a long ways to instill some credibilty.In all honesty,nothing can be done under the current system.
    In the old westerns,if a violent gunslinger showed up in a sheriff’s town,the sheriff told him– in no uncertain terms –to get out of town.We need the mayor and other politicians to reverse the invite they have given to the thugs and low income types–which they are desperately trying to attract.This can be accomplished by looking into every way they can– legally –to prevent them from moving to Grand Rapids.We need laws changed to prohibit felons,with long rap sheets, from renting in Grand Rapids.Instead,there are apartments being built all over the west side just for them.We also need some sort of exploratory commission(not run by liberals) to come up with valid ideas.Anyways,the direction Grand Rapids is going in–is not promising–a lost cause if you ask me,BECAUSE of our politicians.

      • dick dickerson

        you know, he’s not wrong. I’m not sure why youre telling him to get mental help when he is pointing out the main problem at hand. what world do you live in?

    • dick dickerson

      They attract those types of people because they want their vote….it’s the easiest way to get votes! import people who won’t work, are low work ethic, and want free stuff.

    • C

      And, according to WOOD’s website there were two different mothers, each with one child, at his vigil. A father of seven with at least three different mothers, all by the age of 26. He must have been a real nice guy, I’d say.

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