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Neighbors seek action after child hit in mobile home park

HOLLAND, Mich. — People who live in a Holland mobile home park are asking for change after a 4-year-old was hit by a car.

Litha Wentvel was sent to the hospital with a fractured skull Monday night when she was hit and dragged for several feet by a vehicle near hear home in Willow Park Mobile Homes. Witnesses said the vehicle was going well-above the 15-mph speed limit.

Neighbors say she is the third child to get hit on that road in the last seven years.

"It's very rare our kids play outside because of the people here and that speed," said Matthew Nelson, a resident at the mobile home park and friend of the child’s family.

Seven years ago, a child was killed while walking across the street and another child was hit four years later.

"There is a pattern and that pattern needs to be addressed and I don't know how many people have to get hurt or hit and their families have to suffer that consequence before that actually happens," Nelson said.

Concerned parents and on-site management have posted signs asking drivers to slow down, but that hasn’t been enough to fix the problem.

“I'm hoping the company puts up bigger signs or speed bumps because I don't want to see little kids hit," said Dorris Moreno, a manager at the park.

Nelson agreed with Moreno’s ideas.

"We'd really like to see some speed bumps put in here every so often to really force drivers to put down distractions and think about what they're doing and be more conscientiousness about their surroundings and the children that play here," he said.

During a phone call with FOX 17, the property owner said he is aware of the complaints but can’t control how fast people drive, and is considering getting speed bumps in the future.

A GoFundMe has been set up to assist in paying for Litha’s medical expenses.

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    • Bryan

      It doesn’t matter if the child is unsupervised or even if the child didn’t look both ways or just acting like a kid, that’s another issue. WHAT it comes down to is the fact we as adults should be more aware of our surroundings when driving and not texting on our phone or preoccupied with other things. We as license holders and adults should take more caution in all aspects of life and responsibility for our wrongs. THIS happened at a mobile home area for those who didn’t read or hear the news. That’s like me saying it’s your fault if you dont get out of my Semi trucks way if I hit you. Stop being in a rush all the time……. have patience and the world would be a lot more civilized.
      Be safe out there… Come on Back!

  • Anonymous

    I am a delivery driver I see kids running in the street not looking and take there time to get out the of the road. There is never any parents outside. This whole story is focused on the wrong aspect it should be focused on the driver and how the trailer park is. This is a terrible thing but what makes it worse is how the adults did not say anything about the trailer park really is they let their kids play on the train tracks they let their kids play in the middle of the road and don’t show the safety first. People do speed in this neighborhood but it is not just the drivers it is also the parents who don’t know their kids are in the road in the first place please, look deeper into the truth about this story.

    • Ron Storteboom

      Umm, the speed limit is 15MPH. It is a trailer park. Kids are going to be in the street. The investigation found the driver of the car that hit the girl was traveling over 30mph. I hope the driver is in jail. It’s a trailer park!!! Anyone exceeding the 15mph speed limit and strikes a child should be in jail! No excuse to hit anything if you are only traveling at 15mph… The kids/pedestrians should have the right of way throughout the park.

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