Grand Rapids police searching for next round of recruits

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. -- The city of Grand Rapids is looking to recruit its next fleet of police officers.

The Grand Rapids Police Department says this is an opportunity for people who have always wanted to be a police officer, but didn't have the money to pay for the training.

GRPD is now offering to pay for you to attend the police academy, while paying you a full-time wage which starts at about $45,000 a year.

The department says it needs more officers as many of its current force have retired.

They are looking for people who have a genuine interest and passion for public service and protecting their community.

We spoke to Sergeant Cathy Williams who says this is a great opportunity for people with a heart for public service.

"It really has to come from within, said Sergeant Cathy Williams, Public Information Officer with Grand Rapids. "They have to have it in their soul that they have this heart for service and there are so many rewards to this profession that people rarely see. "

There is also an open house Wednesday, Aug. 7 from 3 to 6 p.m. at Michigan Works, 215 Straight Ave. NW.

Applications are due by September 6.

All applicants must pass the civil service exam and meet all Michigan Commission of Law Enforcement Standards (MCOLES) minimum licensing requirements:

At least 18 years old

Be a U.S. citizen

Possess a high school diploma or GED

Possess a valid Michigan driver’s license

No felony crimes (see MCOLES website for additional disqualifying criminal history information)

Good moral character

Pass a comprehensive background investigation

Pass MCOLES reading, writing and physical fitness exams

Pass MCOLES psychological evaluation

Pass MCOLES medical evaluation and drug screening

Pass City of Grand Rapids civil service exam

Pass an oral board interview

Interested applicants who aren’t able to attend the open house and have questions about the recruiting process, may contact GRPD’s Community Engagement Unit at 616.456.3301, or via Facebook message.


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  • Unslaved

    “Good moral character” is the opposite of what cops need. Someone with morals would refuse to do something immoral. Cops do anything they’re told to do or they get fired, so they COMPLETELY DISREGARD MORALITY OR ELSE THEY LOSE THEIR JOBS.
    It’s impossible to follow orders and exercise morality at the same time:

  • lml25

    Why no report of the gunshots on McReynolds and 12th st NW?Another channel had it as its 3rd story at noon.I guess gunfire happens so often now,it’s not worth reporting anymore?

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