Whitmer: Delaying pension payments has ‘long-term cost’

DELHI TOWNSHIP, Mich. (AP) — Gov. Gretchen Whitmer says suggestions that she has opened the door to delaying the elimination of debt in Michigan’s teacher retirement system to help boost road spending are “overstated.”

The Democrat said Thursday there’s “ultimately a long-term cost of pushing off (the) paying off of our debts,” and using such a mechanism would mean “we’re forgoing opportunities in the future.”

She said she “certainly is not endorsing” the concept, but added it’s hard to weigh in with specificity without seeing details. She spoke after reading to schoolchildren near Lansing.

Whitmer’s proposed 45-cents-a-gallon fuel tax hike has been rejected by Republicans who control the Legislature. She has previously criticized a conservative business group’s proposal to borrow $10 billion to boost the pension fund and free up money for road repairs.

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  • C

    Since when has any Democrat worried about the cost of anything to taxpayers as a group? Her only concerns, in order, are keeping the Michigan Education Association’s members in the pocket of Democrats and maybe fixing the damn roads.

  • Rj

    Borrow money to pay into union pensions ? That’s a joke and we the taxpayers should not be funding any pension. We as taxpayers pay hundreds of billions into federal employees pensions while watching our local city and state employees abuse their jobs by weekend work that’s no necessary and working all holidays possible to jack up their payouts where there retire on more money then what they made while working.

  • Bojack Horseman

    If people would just travel smarter we wouldn’t have to fix the d*** roads. Fat middle aged men driving their Yukons and Silverados four blocks to the liquor store with no passengers are costing taxpayers dearly. People who prematurely age the roads with 5,000+ lbs vehicles should be taxed more. They’re the reason pot holes exist.

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