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Texas officer kills a woman while shooting at an unrestrained dog

A Texas police officer trying to shoot at a barking dog killed the woman he was there to help during a welfare check, authorities say.

A caller reported a woman passed out in a grassy area in Arlington on Thursday evening. Arlington police officers, the fire department and EMS were dispatched to the scene to conduct a welfare check, officials said.

When the officer approached the woman, he noticed an unrestrained dog nearby, the Arlington Police Department said in a statement.

“As the officer called out to the woman repeatedly concerning her welfare, the dog began to run towards the officer while barking. The officer retreated backwards from the running dog while drawing his duty firearm,” police said. “The officer discharged his firearm multiple times towards the dog. After the shots were fired, the woman yelled out and it was apparent she was injured.”

She was taken to a local hospital and pronounced dead. Preliminary information shows she was struck by gunfire from the officer, according to the police. Her identity will be released after the next of kin have been notified.

A police body-worn camera captured the incident and the footage will be used in the investigation, authorities said.

Arlington is west of Dallas and has a population of about 365,000.

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  • Matt McCartney

    Hmmmm………Officer is unidentified (regardless of news agency selected); evidently, the man doesn’t fit the narrative…. OR, the person whose life he took didn’t matter. One or the other. Possibly both. Given the complet lack of histrionics that CNN is famous for, I’d say their narrative hit a snag.

  • WRTolkas

    Yeehaaa! Great shootin’ Tex. Ya get shot in your own apartment now when you’re laying on the grass. Maybe Sherriff Taylor should give you all one bullet to put in your pocket?

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