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Dayton gunman had ‘kill list’ for boys, ‘rape list’ for girls, former classmates say

As a high school student, the gunman in the Dayton, Ohio, massacre had a “hit list” of classmates he wanted to kill or hurt, according to four former students who said they were told by school officials they were on the list.

Spencer Brickler said a counselor at Bellbrook High School told him that he and his sister were on Connor Betts’ hit list. Brickler said he was riding on a school bus when he saw Betts getting escorted off by officers who were investigating the threats.

“He was kind of dark and depressive in high school,” said Brickler, who recalled the incident occurring about nine years ago when he was a freshman. He said he had no idea what prompted Betts, then a sophomore, to put him or his sister on the list.

The information has taken on new significance now that Betts has been identified as the gunman who killed nine people early Sunday morning in a popular nightlife district in downtown Dayton, authorities said. Police officers on patrol nearby immediately responded and killed Betts less than a minute after he opened fire, authorities said.

In response to CNN’s inquiries about the hit list, Bellbrook-Sugarcreek Schools Superintendent Douglas A. Cozad said, “At this point, I can confirm that Connor Betts was a student at Bellbrook-Sugarcreek Local Schools his entire school career and graduated from Bellbrook High School in 2013.

“Since he has not been a student here for over six years, we are still gathering additional information and will release it as soon as we can,” Cozad said.

Another former classmate, who asked not to be identified out of concerns for his privacy, also recalled being summoned to a school administrator’s office and being told he was “number one” on the list of students Betts wanted to kill.

He said the list was separated into two columns: a “kill list” for boys and a “rape list” for girls.

A third person, who also asked not to be named for privacy reasons, told CNN that Betts sent messages about the list to one of his classmates, who told her mother. Her mother then notified the police, who came to the school and interviewed people on the list individually in the school’s office.

“Personally, it freaked me out,” said the classmate who was told she was on the list. “I started having panic attacks in the school building.”

A fourth person, who also asked not to be named for privacy reasons, said, “All I know is there was a list of violent actions and a list of names including mine.”

She said some of the names were female students who, like her, turned him down for dates. She said Betts often simulated shooting other students and threatened to kill himself and others on several occasions.

“He loved to look at you and pretend to shoot with guns, guns with his hands,” she said.

Another former classmate, who was not on the list, said that he met Betts through a “friend of a friend.” He said whenever they hung out, Betts would talk about violence and use harsh language about women, like calling them “sluts.”

Betts’ former classmates told CNN that they recalled Betts being removed from the school for at least a year, but that he later returned to Bellbrook High.

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  • lml25

    This one,as it turns out,was crazier than the guy in El Paso.An Antifa follower, Trump hater,Satanist and all around mental defective,it’s obvious he did this as retaliation for the shooting in Texas earlier that day.Lots of info on him,but that’s the summary.

  • projecttruecolors

    Media fabricate incidents to justify violence against Americans. Odd corporate run media displayed three mass shooting incidents 10 days as 18 days before actual shooting. Now why is coroprate media decision maker on our… nation public policy? Corporate media do hire mercenaries kill? To cover up its targetting or single out individuals? We see MEDIA is behind these mass shootings. Frame shooter after he dead as Ohio case folded out. Tx shooter was registered as (D) 4:07 PM but after crime 4:47 pm he registered (R) soon after change of shooters details media began hold TRUMP to account for actions of these shooters behavior AND begin push librrals tear down Second Amendment. Bill is coming charge jounalist with felony for fabricate scenerios as redirect SMP account holders speech to benefit itself. (Leaker is media legacy)

  • Rj

    If you believe in coincidence it’s your choice, there is no coincidence he traveled 650 to a city that is going to be where Antifa is soon planning a mass demonstration against the border patrol.

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