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Mexico exploring legal action against the U.S. following El Paso shooting

The Mexican government is looking into taking legal action against the United States after six Mexican nationals were killed and seven others were injured in a mass shooting in El Paso, Texas, Secretary of Foreign Affairs Marcelo Ebrard said Sunday.

During a press conference in Mexico City, Ebrard called the shooting an act of terrorism against Mexicans in the U.S. and said the Mexican government will look into whether there is enough evidence to solicit the extradition of the gunman to face charges in Mexico.

U.S. authorities have not publicly identified the shooter, but three sources told CNN the suspect is 21-year-old Patrick Crusius of Allen, Texas. The sources were two federal officials and one state official.

Authorities also are investigating a racist, anti-immigrant document they believe the suspect posted on the online message board 8chan before the shooting. The 2,300-word document, which police called a “manifesto,” is filled with white supremacist language and racist hatred aimed at immigrants and Latinos. It blames immigrants and first-generation Americans for taking away jobs.

In a video posted to his official Twitter page, Ebrard said what happened in El Paso was “unacceptable” and that “the first judicial actions” the government will take will be in accordance with international law.

“Mexico would like to express its utmost profound condemnation and rejection of this barbaric act where innocent Mexican men and women were killed,” Ebrard said. “We are outraged. We do not support the culture of hate.”

Ebrard also said Mexico President Andrés Manuel López Obrador instructed him to take swift legal action in order to first protect the families who were affected and then “so that Mexico can demand that the United States protect the Mexican community in the United States.”

López Obrador confirmed earlier Sunday in a televised statement that six Mexican nationals were killed and seven were injured. The shooting at an El Paso shopping center left a total of 20 people dead and 26 injured.

Ebrard urged the US to establish a “strong position against hate crimes” following the shooting. He also drew attention to gun control as a “crucial issue.” and announced that Mexico is investigating who is responsible behind the sale of “these assault weapons.”

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  • Matt McCartney

    Sure Mexico. Right after you cut checks for the multiple dozens of American dead on OUR list, we’ll take a look at yours. You’ve been sending us your criminal worst for 50 years. Cry me a bloody river.

  • Common sense

    You’re an idiot. However I do think the U.S. does not need to hand over this racist imbecile. It is true that crimes have been committed by Mexicans in the U.S., however, not all of them are the worst of the worst. And they’re not being sent here, they flee poverty and violence along with corruption. You would do the same if you were in that situation. By the way, I’m no Democrat, just better educated than you kid.

    • Matt McCartney

      Right CS, and isn’t it cute how while “fleeing” poverty, violence & corruption, they manage to bring it with them? Must be a coincidence.

  • Rj

    Mexico has taken the top spot as the most dangerous country on earth, Were is Mexico when Americans are killed in their country ? What about the 72000 Americans who died in 2018 from opioids and half of them dying from the chemical weapon fentanyl that is being made in Mexico and China. Mexico has sent us over 26 million people in the last 2 decades and they sure are not the best of the best. We as a country since 09/11/2001 we have had over 64000 Americans killed by non citizens including the 3000 on 09/11/2001

  • steve

    I don’t know the answer, but what has Mexico done to curb the flood of drugs coming into our country? Tell them that every time a shipment comes into the U.S. and our border people have to intercept it, we’ll sue them. Tell them too, that we’re going to invoice the government for every day we have to provide ‘room and board’ for Joaquin Guzman.

  • SpeepyJoe

    They should put up a big wall, to keep themselves safe.

    What an f-ing joke their politicians are. Concentrate on your own craphole first

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