Dorr Township Library could close after millage fails

DORR, MICH.-- On Tuesday, Dorr Township Library asked taxpayers for another millage. Their previous 10 year millage is up, which financed most of the library.

The millage failed by around 100 votes. Meaning, at the end of 2020, when the library's rainy day fund runs out, things could change.

“After that, we have to look elsewhere, and hope that someone is willing to donate to us, otherwise we have to cut back and close down,” librarian Lexi Adrianes said.

The library provides a lot of important services, aside from just book checkout. It's also a place for people in Dorr to get free WiFi, something not available to everyone who lives there.

“We have a constant circulation of people using the computers. People going in, people going out. Because there are some areas in the town where you can’t get WiFi, or service,” Adrianes said.

The library says they're considering applying for another millage in November. This time, they asked for 1 mill from taxpayers, which would cost the average person in Dorr about $100 a year.

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  • Matt

    Good, now the people who claim to need books the most can fund it themselves instead of robbing their neighbors at gun point. It will always be the police who remove you from private property for refusing to pay government coercion.

  • Pips

    $100 per year is quite steep for something the majority of residents don’t use. Amazon prime is $119 and you get music and video streaming. Those people relying on the “free” services can start to pay for them, then maybe they’ll learn that nothing is actually free.

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