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5 Kent Co. cellphone stores robbed last weekend

Surveillance images from cellphone store burglaries around Kent County.

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — Kent County deputies are investigating multiple cellphone store robberies from over the weekend.

Authorities said they have been called to five burglaries between Friday to Monday.

From Friday into Saturday, there were three incidents at Verizon stores in Caledonia, Lowell and Plainfield townships. On Sunday into Monday, there were two more at an AT&T store in Algoma Township and a Sprint store in Plainfield Township.

Forced entry was a common factor in each of the break-ins, and investigators say cellphones appear to be the target. So far, there have been several display phones and some accessories taken.

Some of the stores were able to avoid anything being taken by securing their display phones at night.

Authorities said the stores were entered by anywhere from one to four people, and all the break-ins are believed to be connected.

Anyone with information on any of the burglaries is asked to call Silent Observer at 616-774-2345.

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    • Tony Marsh

      1st. You are an @$$ for bringing Race into it. 2nd. They are obviously stealing phones because there is a market for them, they are not breaking into all these stores and stealing phones for them selves. 3rd, the so called Obama phones are obviously not cutting it in 2019, they are small and out of date and cant even be used for texting, was just a money grab for low income people. Must be 2009 Stimulus $$ is gone. All this being said its the gun stores that are being broke into that concern me. These gun stores should have a minimum level of security for their guns and ammo and there is not. I’m guessing you basically bust in the door and pry open the fenced gun shelves, load up and leave. it should not be that easy to steal guns from a gun store. Require all gun stores to meet minimum security standards and oversee this and you will cut crime in half. We here a lot of media coverage of mass shootings but next to nothing about intercity gun crimes and this is where all the people are dying.

  • lml25

    If it isn’t guns, it’s phones.If it isn’t phones ,it’s cars.If it isn’t cars,it’s flash robbing a store.If it isn’t…etc etc etc.

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