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Community confronts city about police officer who owns KKK item

MUSKEGON, Mich. — On Tuesday, community members in Muskegon addressed city leaders after a police officer was placed on administrative leave for having a KKK item in his home.

The city can't comment on the issue directly because officer Charles Anderson is under active investigation. That didn't stop members of the community from speaking their mind at the city commission meeting.

Now, the community is demanding for a thorough double-check into officer Anderson's history with the department.

"Check and see if there are any offenses on his record," said one community member during public comment.

Reyna Mathis and her husband found the item while touring Anderson's home, which is currently up for sale, and posted it to Facebook. Now it's been shared thousands of times. Tuesday night, she asked the city an important question.

“If there’s an investigation going on — no one has contacted my family or myself. I just wanted to know why, why we haven’t been contacted,” Reyna Mathis said.

City leaders couldn't answer Mathis' question directly, but assured the public the issue is being taken very seriously.

“When things hit the fan, we’re left standing by ourselves, we’re left standing by ourselves,” Ebony Davis said.

Davis spoke on behalf of a group of people, all demanding change, starting with an apology from the city.

“They know that we’re not going away. This isn’t something that’s going to be swept under the rug. It’s not just going to be excuse after excuse. We’re going to hold them accountable,” Davis said.

Others at the meeting echoed that sentiment, saying there is no excuse for what they've seen in the last week.

“Serving to protect is viable. We trust our officers. We believe in our officers. We want to support our officers, but if you have a racist intent, we can’t have them around. It’s best to just get rid of them,” a public commenter said.

Former city employees also claimed Tuesday that officer Anderson used to drive his truck to work at the city with the confederate flag displayed on his personal vehicle. Similar items were also seen in his home.

Anderson has declined to comment on the matter.

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  • Better common sense

    We’re not fighting civil war anymore. Although this tragic events are part of our history, nobody should be displaying an item that meant evil and harm to our ancestors. Such behavior should be punished. Our police officers are still members of our communities, and there shouldn’t be any room for racism among us.

    • Sillyoldme

      We will all be stopping by your place to see what is offensive to the rest of us. Sorry, it’s not your business or mine as to what I or you have in our homes.
      This is nothing but a witch hunt. Take it to the Supreme Court. Those screaming the loudest will lose.

      • Dan Smith

        If your home is up for sale, you would expect to have people, you know, LOOK INSIDE THE HOUSE. You’re just being willfully obtuse; no one invaded the privacy of this racist officers home, he was stupid enough to have it on display at a house showing in Muskegon.

        There’s no witch hunt here, just a dumb, racist cop that got outed for having disgusting memorabilia on display to the public. Try to keep up.

  • Ss

    History ….. police….look it up…

    * In the south the creation of the police force was centered not on the protection of shipping interests but on the preservation of the slavery system.

    * first formal slave patrol had been created in the Carolina colonies in 1704

    * President Hoover to appoint the Wickersham Commission in 1929 to investigate the ineffectiveness of law enforcement nationwide
    The police force was also created for a profit, not for the better of the people.

    Today we get tickets for no seat belt & speeding, yet the officers speed and dont wear seat belts. Who is it truly helping when you get a ticket for speeding or no seat belt ? The police departments pocket.

  • Not racist not violent but no longer silent

    Not that I condone what he has , but does it have HIS name on it? Or is it just an application? So if a person is a history buff and had Nazi items – does that make them a Nazi? What about museums? Are they racist for displaying the past?


      No, it doesn’t make that person a Nazi. They may be one, but possession of the memorabilia does not make them a Nazi any more than the presence of the object in a museum makes the museum a Nazi. However, if the person is an operative of the state (such as a police officer) where racist or Nazi behavior would be a violation of the law, it becomes incumbent upon the state to determine if they are, in fact, a Nazi – or at the very least, in violation of ethical or behavioral standards for possessing memorabilia emblematic of racism or Nazism. This could all be just A Big Misunderstanding ™. Or he could be a white-trash racist in a police uniform. Either way, possession of such an item by a person in his position is more than enough to warrant finding out which it is, and the only people afraid of such an investigation are the ones who don’t want the truth.

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