FBI agents find 25 guns, 10,000 rounds of ammunition in teen’s bedroom following threat

BOARDMAN, Ohio – A 6-month investigation into an 18-year-old in Ohio has resulted in his arrest on charges of threatening to assault a federal law enforcement officer.

The investigation started in February, according to WJW, when agents found online comments from the teen supporting mass shootings.

According to court documents, the user posted a threat to assault federal law enforcement officers writing, “…shoot every agent on sight,” in a discussion about the Branch Davidian standoff in Waco in 1993.

Agents met with Justin Olsen, who gave written consent for a search of his car and bedroom, according to a probable cause warrant.

On August 7th, agents report they found 10,000 rounds of ammunition, camouflage clothing, camouflaged backpacks, 15 rifles and shotguns and 10 semi-automatic pistols.

Olsen faces one charge for the threat posted online.

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  • Better common sense

    Should’ve been enrolling in college than being another dumb @$$ going online threatening people. So glad this worthless scum is getting what he deserves.

  • Danielle Smith

    Maybe they should do their jobs…so the youth of our nation doesn’t feel it’s ok to act quicker then wait in lazy shiftless abusers who cost people more pain and suffering.

  • Joemama

    Smells awful suspect.
    Why omit part of the quote? Seems like something important is being left out intentionally. For instance, if he had said ‘I am goint to shoot them’ instead of ‘they should shoot them’ then those are two very different statements. Sounds like there may be some false charges to me.
    It’s not illegal to voice an opinion, even if government agents will violate your rights, knowing they cannot be held accountable for it.

    • Art Sharpe

      There is an old 12th century English common law case about a man who was arrested for saying “If it were not assize time, I would thrash thee.” Arrested for assault the Court found him innocent because the threat was conditioned upon the Assize Court not being then in session… but it was. Thus, the threat would not be carried out. Words have meaning… even the words of a supposed threat.

  • John

    What about the 10 felony charges that he should be getting for possession of handguns by someone under the age of 21? Were they all in his name? Were they legally obtained, or illegally obtained? Some things aren’t quite adding up.

  • Philippe Cyr

    This is a case of the system working as it was supposed to. The only issue I see is how he was able to accumulate that many firearms and ammo. That point highlights the current failures of the current laws and how Government agencies are organized in a way that information doesn’t get shared between Agencies and the different levels of government. If the communication was more open Parkland, El Paso and other mass shooting would of been prevented before they even happened.

    Parkland was the shooting that this dawned on me to what the actual issue is and its not guns, but a lack of communication. Communication is key to prevent events like Parkland.

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