Sixth Street Bridge reopens in Grand Rapids: suspicious device examined

UPDATE: The scene at the bridge cleared around 11:05 p.m. Thursday. A Grand Rapids Police lieutenant told FOX 17 the device was going to be X-Rayed to determine exactly what it is.


GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. - The Sixth Street Bridge over the Grand River has been closed while police investigate a suspicious device.

Police say the device was found in the river Thursday night, and would be taken to a safe location to be examined.

We'll have more details when they become available.

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1 Comment

  • lml25

    Lots of suspicious EVERYTHING on the West side now. Check out anyplace near where that gunfire occurred yesterday on Alpine and 5th and go one mile in every direction.Suspicious is an understatement.Cars parked the wrong way on a street–suspicious.Car parked in the middle of the street with non-whites running up to it–with items being exchanged–suspicious.I’ve seen it just driving around.
    Now Sixth st bridge has stuff going on.Why not?Thank you mayor Bliss.Whites are an endangered species in large areas of Grand Rapids –I’m planning on moving to a better,safer city in the near future.Convince me why I should stay and contribute my tax dollars for what’s happening to the town I grew up in.It’s going to be another Benton Harbor in a few short years-that’s not suspicion–that’s a fact.

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