At least 13 arrested in dueling protests

(CNN) — At least 13 people were arrested in Portland, Oregon, on Saturday, according to police, as left-wing anti-fascist demonstrators gathered to counterprotest a rally by far-right and extremist groups.

It was unclear which groups the arrested persons were affiliated with.

Police tweeted that one person who was injured during the day’s events was taken to a hospital. Three other people who had minor injuries were evaluated on scene.

Saturday’s demonstrations came after days of Portland authorities condemning hate and warning residents to stay home as far-right groups planned a rally aimed at putting an “end to domestic terrorism,” with a particular focus on Antifa extremist groups.

There were fears the rally could prompt violent clashes between both a smattering of right-wing extremists and Antifa counterdemonstrators, like those the city has seen in recent years. By late morning, Portland police had said they already seized items like bear spray, shields and metal and wooden poles from “multiple groups.”

Law enforcement worked to keep the opposing groups separate, Portland police Lt. Tina Jones said. By early afternoon, she said, there had been “limited interactions between individuals.”

“At this time, the demonstrations are contained to a very small area of downtown,” she said.

Saturday morning, before events in Portland had gotten underway, President Donald Trump said “major consideration” was being given to designating Antifa an “organization of domestic terror.” He added, “Portland is being watched very closely. Hopefully the Mayor will be able to properly do his job.”

Mayor Ted Wheeler responded to the President’s tweet in an interview with CNN Saturday, saying, “My job today is to be heads down and focused on maintaining the public safety here in Portland, Oregon. I’m focused on what’s going on the ground here in my community.”

“And frankly, it’s not helpful,” Wheeler added. “This is a potentially dangerous and volatile situation, and adding to that noise doesn’t do anything to support or help the efforts that are going on here in Portland.”

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  • Matt

    If you gotta wear a mask you must be ashamed to show your face, the same way your parents are ashamed of their antifa punka$$ kid.

  • Better common sense

    Same way parents are disowning stupid A$$ far right scums for living in the past and not moving forward with an inevitalne evolution.

  • BS

    Antifa is a domestic terrorist organization. The silence you hear from the democrat party regarding Antifa is all you need to know about the agenda democrats want to implement in America.

  • stop the madness

    Hmm, which group do I trust more? The people with masks or the people that do not wear masks not looking as if they are ready to beat someone just because you don’t follow in their way of life (whatever that is suppose to be). I thought this country was built on the premise of freedom, not tyranny. That’ll be the day I will give any credence to a bunch of punk, loser kids.


    Only one group had permission to be there, and it was not the antifas. There are hundreds of videos online showing masked agitators causing riots and damage to personal property. It doesn’t take a genius to figure this one out!

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