Motorcyclist killed in crash on Alpine Ave.

WALKER, Mich. — A motorcyclist died Friday after a crash in Walker.

It happened at 1:33 p.m. on Alpine Avenue near the Meijer.

Police say the motorcycle was going south on Alpine Avenue when a vehicle pulled out of a driveway and caused a crash. The motorcyclist was taken to the hospital after the collision but was pronounced dead shortly after.

The victim’s name hasn’t been released. Police said they are a 22-year-old Grand Rapids resident.

Speed and alcohol aren’t believed to be factors. The motorcyclist was wearing a helmet.

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  • Ronnie S

    Alpine is just not safe for motorcycles, I had a car turn in front of me when i was heading north to turn right onto 4 mile,the car turned from the turning lane rite in front of me and i had to lock my brakes up!!

  • stop the madness

    Condolences to loved ones. Alpine is not safe for any drive these days. I would never make a right on red leaving the mall or from Three and Four Mile Rds unless there is NO traffic coming from the left, not the way people are constantly changing lanes. And I will never apologize for making a complete stop before turning right on red any where. Pay attention; follow the law and there would be fewer accidents on Alpine.

    • Donna Lynema

      People. Come on. Give 🚲
      Motorcycles & 🚶 a
      Break. Be on your guard
      Put down your phone !
      But by the same token I have Seen many 🚶 looking at their phone while going down a curb. Crossing a street.
      And to put this out there
      When there is a Backup on the Highway
      Motorcycles. Please do not go Between Two lanes of Traffic or like what happened 2 weeks ago going North on 131 expressway. There was a huge back up between Ann Street entrance &
      West River drive Fifth-Third Ball Park exit
      A Motorcyclist drove all the way from the split where you go North on 131 and where you go to get off on Alpine. I was going to get off on West River in Comstock Fifth-Third BP I wasn’t there yet but I could see the guy keep going on 131. The whole way he was on the Dirt at the side of the road. I was praying that all the folks that could see him in the Driver’s Mirror didn’t get pissed & go into Road Rage Mode & open the driver 🚗 door & have him smack into it. He could be killed. I always try to 🚗 conscientiously
      But please wait your turn. Arrive to your destination safely. Your family doesn’t deserve to go through ❤ break.

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