Margarita Madness 5k after-event shut down; GRPD arrests two

Photos courtesy: Michael Reygaert, 8-24-2019.

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich.  —  The Grand Rapids Margarita Madness 5k Run took place Saturday at Riverside Park as scheduled. But police say the after-party was canceled – and two people were arrested.

GRPD Sergeant Dan Adams tells FOX 17 in an email that the Michigan Liquor Control Commission had denied a liquor license.  He says the city told organizers that they could still hold the event, but alcoholic drinks would not be permitted.

“It was discovered they were still selling and supplying drinks, and not checking IDs for minors,” says Sgt. Adams. “One subject was arrested for the liquor violation and another arrested for interfering with officers making that arrest.”

However, police say because the race had already started it was not shut down.

FOX 17 has reached out to event organizers for a response, and will provide that as soon as it is received.

GRPD says “This is a good example of how Grand Rapids assists event organizers in an effort to showcase our great city. But conducts checks and balances on all events to ensure the safety of the community and visitors.”

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  • tiredofthecrapola

    The city was probably pu’d off cause they weren’t allowed to wet their beak, so they made the GRPD do their dirty work…

  • Sweetms

    This seemed like a fun event. The city could have helped the organization make this a successful event. There are others who have alcohol, beer & wine. Maybe you have to be Irish for one.

    • Sillyoldme

      Maybe this event should have followed the law, obtained all necessary permits and obtained a liquor license, which they were denied. In other words, they broke the law by choosing to serve up booze including to minors.
      So, don’t turn it around and blame the GRPD for your lack of common sense or ability to follow law.

  • Laura Mullin

    I would like to know if the race is going to offer refunds? I attended this race an was half way done when i heard what happened.

  • Michelle Tribble

    This guy Aaron Scott has been scamming runners and cities across the country for the past two weeks. He has a “no refund” policy and sets up inadequate events and bypasses or ignores local zoning and permitting. I have heard he also skips out on paying vendors, does not provide any support, security, EMS or even cool water but he’ll sell you a watered down margarita for $5 with or without the right legal permits. Hope he stays in jail and folks around the country are refunded.

    • Melodie Hartig

      He did the exact same thing in Cincinnati last year, and apparently in multiple cities in years past. He is a crook and the workers and city are left to clean up his mess while he escapes with thousands.

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