2 teens injured in drive-by shooting near Union High School

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — Two former Grand Rapids Public Schools students were hurt in a drive-by shooting Wednesday near Union High School.

The shooting happened around 2:30 p.m. on Ravine Drive just north of Tremont Boulevard.

Sgt. Cathy Williams said a vehicle with several people inside shot at another vehicle and two teens were hit. Investigators couldn’t immediately specify what led up to the shooting but said both victims’ injuries are minor.

Williams said a neighbor came out of their home and stopped the shooting while it was happening. She couldn’t elaborate any further on how that happened.

Police are searching for the vehicle believed to be involved in the shooting. A description of that vehicle has not been released.

No arrests have been made at this point.

Police and GRPS officials have both said the incident doesn’t involve any current students and didn’t happen on school grounds.

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  • Matt McCartney

    She “couldn’t elaborate” no description is available, no arrests have been made. So in other words, a non-event was witnessed by blind people (including the victims) so nothing happened. Sounds about right.

  • Molly

    Why does Fox 17 slant this article to reflect poorly on GRPS? Clearly an agenda on their part. This wasn’t on school grounds nor did it involve current students, yet this article seems to insinuate blame. What is the intent? Why the bias against GRPS and its students?

    • lml25

      Why are you worried on how “it reflects”or how it looks?You don’t know who these gangbangers are ,do you?It’s close enough to Union and probably DOES have some connection. Now try to figure out how you can get these criminal types out of the area and you’ll be productive.

      • M

        So if there was a shooting near your house, and you didn’t know anyone involved, but the news insinuated that it was your fault because you lived there would you be okay with that implication? That’s all I’m trying to point out. There is clearly a problem. Someone is hurt and there was a crime committed. But the way the news is written matters. The way blame is placed matters. Put the blame on the person that committed the act. Don’t assign blame to Union because it was near grounds. I read the same article on Wood’s news outlet and they didn’t blame Union. It read like a different story all together.

    • Trina Perez

      Really. My 5 year olds bus stop was blocked off because a victim was found there. It’s a GRPS issue. I dont want my child anywhere around this. Dumb kids shooting each other. That’s the only real violence we’ve ever had in this city. I grew up In burton heights were drive bys were normal. But it’s all kids with nothing to live for. Teach them better.

      • lml25

        You can’t blame the teachers–the kids are Incapable of learning.The SAT scores are so miniscule in these schools that they’re lower than what our temp is in January. They did an experiment where minority kids in ghetto schools were sent to supposed top notch white schools–with consistently high SATs–figuring the minorities would prosper in a better school.
        Noooo-the formerly great scores of the this school were destroyed–experiment over.

    • Bugger Off

      It’s really difficult to say that “BLM” when they are taught to do what they do by their parents. They think they can just go anywhere and do whatever they want, but when people finally start to retaliate, then they pull out the race card. Never fails. Always so quick to pull out guns… Maybe it’s time for everyone else to arm themselves. It’s an infestation, just like cockroaches.

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