School closings & delays

Report: Sasha Obama to attend U-M

(Photo by Bill Pugliano/Getty Images)

ANN ARBOR, Mich. — The youngest daughter of former President Barack Obama is going to attend the University of Michigan, according to the Detroit News.

The newspaper reported Sasha Obama was seen attending freshman orientation with men thought to be Secret Service agents. She is the first of her family not to attend an Ivy League School.

Barack and Michelle Obama both attended Harvard Law School, where Malia Obama is also currently enrolled.

The school and a spokeswoman for Michelle Obama declined to comment on Sasha Obama’s enrollment.

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  • On It

    Perfect leftist choice. My kid went in to U of M being unpolitical & came out a diehard liberal who had obvious disdain for all who are not. So not glad I got to pay for that. Send your kid to trade school, or Hillsdale unless you want your kid to be a brainwashed socialist.

    • The truth

      Hillsdale leans right. If you look at their political alumni, they are are all republicans. So basically you’re just unhappy your kid has views that oppose yours.

      • On It

        You may be right or you may be missing the point that she didn’t come from a politically indoctrinated family, until the school pushed the student to the left. There are ALL of those state institutions of higher learning that ALL lean heavily left who grossly outnumber any schools that lean right. Even our service academies have been changed to become politically correct. The country is being subjected to indoctrination by the educational system molding the ideas of those who will be our future. If you don’t find that distubing, that is proof that the left is truly on the march in this country.

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