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Photographer celebrates ‘mom bods’ with empowering new series

COLOMA, Mich. — A West Michigan photographer is following up his past work with a new series of inspiring photos

Photographer Josh Fairbanks released the new series that focuses on moms and the beauty in their scars.

“It’s about telling everybody that hey we celebrate dad bods, but mom bods are frickin’ awesome man,” Fairbanks said.

The photos show moms posing with glitter, highlighting the stretch marks they got after giving birth.

“A lot of their identity is found in the way they look, when your not pregnant its found in the way you look one way and then when you’re pregnant society rightfully looks at you as this beautiful pregnant mom, but after you have a baby there’s no third identity,” Fairbanks explained.

“You are expected to go back to the first one even though you went through the earth’s most amazing physiological change that a creature can through which is giving life, you are expected to go back to how you used to be, which is an unfair expectation for anybody especially in how busy and wild today’s world is,” Fairbanks added.

The photos aim show that it’s beautiful to be a mom and to be proud of where those stretch marks came from,  a concept brought to Fairbanks by one of the model moms.

“You spend so much time seeing woman on TV who look perfect and even post-baby they have a six-pack and there’s a lot of pressure to look that way so I even beat myself up for hating my stretch marks after wanting to have a baby for so long,” model Madolyn Wesaw said.

“I was a little bit nervous. I wanted to represent myself well for all the mothers out there but at the same time I was like okay, but in order to do this you need to face all your insecurities as well and say hey you can shed yours too,” model Amber Henslee said.

The photos prove it.

“Seeing these pictures and seeing that actually this is really cool I did  something really awesome, I created life, that’s a really sacred thing, its such a blessing and so it just kind of brought it all back home to me and reminded me I did something amazing. I am powerful,” Wesaw added.

“I want to show everybody it’s okay to have stretch marks, to be a little overweight to have rolls, it’s okay. Life is beautiful and no matter what we are beautiful,”  model Megan Rick said.

If you want to see more of these photos or Fairbanks’ other work, click here.



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    • Jessi G

      And you need to go to hell. Clearly, they don’t give a damn what you or anyone thinks or they probably wouldn’t have done the photo shoot. What a pathetic f*ck of a person. I feel so sorry for the people in your life.

  • Anna

    The reasoning behind the message to begin with. To not care about negative vultures such as yourselves and embrace the changes our body goes through. Clearly the goal was to inspire women to NOT feel their self-image is defined by tasteless comments and bullying. To each their own though. At least they had the courage to represent something, which is far more memorable than the ones sitting behind a keyboard writing nasty comments, looking at pics of their dad in their underwear and quite frankly probably isn’t even a mother. Probably an “expert” on obesity due to the failed gastro surgeries and probably wolfing down a bag of Cheetos while your orange colored fingers race across the keyboard to express hate and narrow mindedness. Your opinion and incredulities have been expressed, but their message is just a tad bit louder. They look amazing and good for them for stepping up and out from behind their own glowing computer screen to be a voice to inspire mothers to not give a shit about irrelevant individuals and their ideas of how a woman should feel about themselves. Now go on and look in the mirror and try to remember what it was like to love your own self, because clearly someone needs a hug. I bet those “obese” women would love to give you one considering their compassion trumps your hate. Far more respected to.

  • lml25

    Anna,looking at your response,I’m not the only one “sitting behind a keyboard.”At least I took less time to give a more interesting opinion than you did. Hasta.

    • Anna

      It’s comical that you find your opinion “interesting”. It’s neither interesting or even remotely relevant. Tasteless is more of a proper description. And as far as sitting behind a keyboard I was giving myself kudos brainiac I was giving kudos to the girls who had the guts to not give a shit about low life, nothing better to do but bust people’s chops, slobs like you. Consider a hobby. It’d probably suit your dense personality a lot better.

  • Brianne

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