Immigrant teen at Boston Children’s Hospital could be deported after Trump Administration policy change

BOSTON – A sudden policy change by President Donald Trump’s administration means hundreds of sick immigrant children could be deported, including many patients at Boston Children’s Hospital, WBZ reports.

Sixteen-year-old Jonathan Sanchez is battling cystic fibrosis and needs the help of a vibrating vest, nebulizer and special medication to stay alive. His family came to the United States legally from Honduras in 2016. They are part of a program that allows immigrants to receive life-saving treatments for up to two years.

But the Trump administration just changed that policy; the family was sent a letter telling them to leave the country by next month or be deported.

While wearing his New England Patriots shirt, Sanchez made his opinion on potentially leaving the country clear.

“The letter, in the words, it said that we need to leave the country in 33 days. But in my perspective, it’s making legal homicide,” he said in an interview with CBS This Morning.

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services did not give CBS News a reason for the abrupt policy change. The agency said Immigration and Customs Enforcement will now handle applications, but ICE said it had “no plan” for the program and an official said it was not consulted.

“To receive that letter is like a big hit,” Jonathan’s father, Gary Sanchez, said. “I don’t know what will happen with the future.”

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  • Steve

    There will never be any hope for the countries where these people come from, if all they do is flee and live off of America. These people need to stay and fight for the rights they want, the jobs they want, the health care they want to make the countries where they were born a better place for future generations. How wonderful that this young man was able to get the help he needs, and most likely at the expense of US Tax Payers, for almost two years. It’s time for the family to go home and create the change their country needs.

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