Dozens march for ‘medical freedom’ in GR

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — A couple dozen people marched in downtown Saturday night to fight for “freedom of choice” when it comes to vaccinations.

Locals involved with the group Michiganders for Medical Freedom marched with signs around Calder Plaza to Rosa Parks Circle.

The groups claims not to be “pro” or anti-vaccination but say they want to spark nationwide conversation when it comes to government overreach.

“I’m for choice; that we have a right to choose to vaccinate or not vaccinate. If you want to vaccinate, absolutely I encourage you to do that. But if you don’t and you religiously object to that, if you philosophically have done the research and found that they are more dangerous than the actual diseases you should have a right to say no, not for me and not for my family,” March Leader Maija Hahn said.

Right now, Michigan allows parents to get vaccine waivers for kids based on medical reasons, or religious and philosophical beliefs.

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    • Marina Marini

      i used to think that too…but as I thought it through I realized that people who are against abortion feel that way because they don’t want harm to come to a child (unborn baby). When they want choice to not vaccinate it’s because they don’t want to cause harm to their child by vaccinations. So it’s not so contradictory. I am btw, pro-choice for both.

      • Hey.

        How is wanting to revive the polio epidemic and other plagues in the best interest of their children’s safety? Please do explain their mindset. Seems more likely it’s just lazy parents who don’t want to take their kid in for meds. They’d rather sit home and watch Duck Dynasty instead.

        • brenda

          The current research shows these diseases may revive even if we had 100% participation rate in vaccine programs. They mutate just like anything else. Don’t see vaccines as a magical thing, they’re just a Pharma product and have as many problems as any other. While it’s fine to participate in vaccines if you have no physical problems with them, be aware that they have varying success rates, can sometimes just fade out, and instigate no immunity – OR they can directly cross into the brain and cause horrendous physical suffering or death. This is why anti-vaxxers want there to be exemptions still available, and they should be. Thousands of families have been compensated in American vaccine court to the tune of $4 billion+ due to vaccine injury, so let’s stop pretending that vaccine injury is some sort of myth. Where there is risk, there must be choice. My body, and my children’s bodies, are not available for endless experiments with vaccines so that you personally never have to worry about getting certain diseases, and anyway, that’s not really what happens with vaccines anyway. It’s an attempt to control disease, but it has its drawbacks – such as the DNA within each shot can potentially affect one’s DNA, the metals are very toxic, there always the chance there is bacteria and viruses within them, etc etc.

    • Susie

      That’s interesting. Because I use the same argument. People so passionate about allowing choice in abortion are equally passionate to mandate vaccines. All medicine should be a choice.

  • steve

    Hey, march leader. Are you aware of the permissions already in place in our state? If not, read the last paragraph and go to a state where it’s not the same. Whatever you do, get the hell off the sidewalk and stop being a nuisance to the rest of us.

    • Tanya

      Cali all exemptions are removed, Ny religious exemptions just got removed this yr, Florida is fighting to keep theirs. How do you know we are not next? This is to show the world we do care, we want medical freedom for all, if your pro- or anti, we all should have a choice.

    • Pav

      You have choice in MI for now. These people are spreading the awareness not to take it for granted. Soon after following CA or NY thise choices could be taken away. Public needs to be aware and prepared before it´s too late. Guess what, children are first and than the mandates will be on adults.

    • Hey.

      Good. I hope the entire country takes the choice away. Why should ANYONE have the choice to restart plagues that have been nearly eradicated? That choice clearly infringes on other people’s constitutional rights, and is thus unconstitutional.

      • ConcernedCitizen

        Can you point me to where it says freedom from all sickness in the US Constitution? I think you might be hard pressed to find it. True freedom is people being able to choose what is injected in their, and their childrens’, bodies. Forced medical procedures is not freedom.

    • Jen

      Thank you marchers for standing up for medical freedom! Where there is risk there must be choice! Hopefully this helps educate and inform people that vaccines are not a black and white issue.

    • brenda

      Real child abuse is forcing every child to get injections of material that you KNOW will seriously affect a certain percentage of them, such as those children who have the genetic disability to process the vaccine as planned, and the thing runs rough-shod over their little bodies, causing fevers, brain inflammation, seizures, loss of bodily function control and worse. Real child abuse is forcing newborns and babies up to a year old to receive 20+ injections per Pharma’s/CDC’s schedule – and then when the kid’s health takes a nose-dive, you call in Child Protection against the parents, and do a medical kidnapping. Anti-vaxxers know EXACTLY what child abuse is they fight it every day.

  • Did My Research

    Anyone that thinks vaccines are safe has done zero research. Vaccines CAN BE MADE SAFELY and the pharmaceutical industry chooses to use aluminum as the adjuvant (adjuvants are like antigen boosters) which is why “vaccines cause autism.” Aluminum is toxic to the brain and injecting it directly into the blood stream of an infant is causes brain damage, the result of which is often autism.

    • Nobody Important

      “if you philosophically have done the research and found that they are more dangerous than the actual diseases”…

      then you are terrible at doing research.

      The diseases that vaccines prevent are thousands of times more dangerous than the vaccines, but this simple fact doesn’t stop anti-vaxxers from lying.

      • brenda

        Are you actually suggesting that brain inflammation, seizures, loss of mobility and death are not as bad as measles, mumps, rubella, polio or the others? ALL of these things are terrible illnesses and disabilities, death of course being the worst to happen. Anti-vaxxers want to always have the freedom to opt out of vaccines, and also would like safer vaccines. We’re not in any way CAUSING other people to get these diseases any more than any vaccinated person, seeing as how even a vaccinated person can contract the diseases anyway, and can share the diseases. Vaccines are not magical. They are an attempt to bolster one’s immunity but they are in no way foolproof. This is a fact.

        • Nobody Important

          Do you know what causes “brain inflammation, seizures, loss of mobility and death”?

          Infectious disease like measles and others cause all these things, at rates many times higher than any of the vaccines. Being anti-vaccine is being pro-brain inflammation, pro-seizure, pro-loss-of-mobility, and pro-death.

        • Nobody Important

          Irrelevant. The unvaccinated are just as likely to have autism compared to the vaccinated. Therefore- vaccines don’t cause autism, despite what conspiracy blogs on the internet tell you.

    • Bridgett Davis

      Way to go pro vaxxers and anti vaxxers coming together to stand up for parental and individual rights! If people don’t know these protests were all across the US yesterday. We’re standing up for California and New York and making sure MI knows we won’t let our rights be messed with!

      • Hey.

        Stop spamming. We know you’re the same person saying this sort of thing over and over again in multiple comments with different usernames.

  • Kevin Rahe

    There are definitely safety concerns about vaccines and in the case of some of them ethical concerns about how they’re made as well (e.g. cultured using cells from an aborted baby). Vaccination is not all peaches and cream as many doctors and health departments would have you believe. The seriousness of the disease being vaccinated against also should be taken into account but rarely is. For instance, it’s worth a little more risk to vaccinate against a disease like measles than it is to vaccinate against the chickenpox. In fact, considering that the vaccine for the latter also has the ethical issue noted above, it’s difficult to justify promoting it at all to anyone other than those who might have a particular and serious susceptibility to the disease.

    • Hey.

      How can you act like you’re for medical freedom if you criticize abortion as being unethical? Medical freedom also includes women’s freedom to abort.

  • Bob Shair

    Parents who choose not to vaccinate their children must not be allowed to send them to schools, churches, zoos and other public places. With that clarified, I support “medical freedom”.

    • Mary

      If you’re so confident in vaccines, why should any un- vaccinated child be barred from school? Of all the children I know of that have never been vaccinated, they are much healthier than those that have….go figure.

      • Hey.

        Of all the children I know of that have never been vaccinated, they are much healthier than those that have….go figure.”

        So you actually go around asking children whether they’ve been vaccinated or not and then test them against each other on treadmills and ellipticals to see how vaccinated kids stack up compared to non vaccinated kids? Or maybe you just invented that whole sentence as a feeble attempt to prove something that there is in fact no scientific proof of. If anyone believes Mary, I’ve got proof that buying one of my bridges will make you healthier and live longer. The lines are open! Call in the next ten minutes and we’ll throw in a genuine silver necklace!

    • brenda

      Getting yourself vaccinated is only an attempt at tricking the disease, it’s not magical. Vaccinated children can also contract and share the diseases for which they’ve been vaccinated, as can adults. That’s been documented. There is no way to control how persistent the vaccine material will stay in the body and assist with immunity. There are many vaccinated people walking around, both children and adults, whose immunity due to vaccines may have completely faded out of the body. So that claim that we have to keep vaccinated separate from unvaccinated is technically not really true. We do have to fight these diseases, but forcing everyone to buy into this “vaccines are infallible” myth is a mistake.

  • Beverly Allor

    This was a nation wide march for medical freedom. Many states are losing that right. Many did vaccinate and were injured, so they don’t want to be forced to vaccinate again. Some have religious objections to foreign materials used in vaccines. Adult mandates are in the works. Even if you skip the flu shot or one other…you are for medical freedom.

  • Nobody Important

    Don’t be fooled. When they say they are for “medical freedom” or “parental rights”, it’s simply anti-vaccine propaganda.

    Don’t believe me? Looks at their signs. It’s one anti-vaccine lie after another.

  • Jo Beth Dozier

    Are you really
    Against vaccinating children?
    When you are in a day care or a school
    With hundreds of children, they share germs all day. Without vaccinations , measles, mumps and every other disease that we have wiped out, could turn into an epidemic . We could start losing our children and having the illnesses we had before vaccinations wiping them out. We would go back to the older days with epidemic after epidemic. These diseases are viruses that antibiotics won’t work on. It could be a disaster. If people don’t want their children vaccinated, then they need to home school them so they won’t be exposed to all the other children. Then what happens to these children when they have to go out in the outside world with no protection?

    • brenda

      You’re right that we need to protect our children, but the fact is that there is a certain percentage of the population that is going to have serious problems, or even death, when they are injected with vaccines, and it’s not as “rare” as the government websites like to put it. Most families don’t know what their child’s reactions will be until the day the child gets the shot. From a 2015 NIH report on the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System, it was stated that “for child death reports, 79.4% had received a vaccine the same day.” So even though we want every child safe against disease, we can’t in good conscience force ALL children to undergo injections that we know from past experience – and $4 billion in government compensation to vaccine-injured families – may hurt or kill some of them. That’s playing Russian roulette, and who’s going to get the bullet? Your child? My child? We can do better than this. We ask that we can legally keep exemptions as an option while we search for better ways for all children to gain immunity to these killer diseases.

  • Shawn Chittle

    Michigan law needs to catch up with the rest of the country and not put children at risk because their parents read blogs. That’s not medical research, folks. My dog can setup a blog. Get your kids vaccinated. Why do you think we don’t have polio, whooping cough, smallpox, or measles anymore?

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